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Tempers on Ice
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Title:  Tempers on Ice
                                    Author:  Waddles52
                                    Summary:  A different ending for Ice
                                    Spoilers:  Ice
                                    Rating:  PG13
                                    Category:  MT
                                    Disclaimer:  Just for fun.  Not for profit.  No 
                                    copyright infringement intended.
                                    Archives:  Okay, but please ask first.
                                    Acknowledgements:  Thanks to Vickie for the beta and 
                                    the title and for listening to me whine.
                                    Mulder held DaSilva down as Hodge put the worm in her 
                                    ear.  As she began to calm down he rolled off of her 
                                    and got to his knees.  He suddenly found himself 
                                    sitting down rather hard on the floor.  "Something's 
                                    not right," he thought as his brain began to take 
                                    note of his surroundings after the adrenaline of the 
                                    past few minutes began to fade.
                                    Scully stood as she saw Mulder fall back.  "Mulder, 
                                    you're hit!" she exclaimed and began to move toward 
                                    "So, that's what's wrong with this picture," he 
                                    realized as a horrible burning, broken-bone kind of 
                                    pain exploded throughout his right shoulder.
                                    She reached him as he began to slide to the left.  
                                    "Dr. Hodge, if she's stable I could use your help!" 
                                    Scully called.
                                    "I'm shot?" Mulder asked, a surprised look on his 
                                    "Yes, Mulder.  That's what it looks like," Scully 
                                    answered as she steadied him.  Blood had begun to 
                                    spread over the right side of his shirt.
                                    "Oh, damn!  I'm shot?" he asked again.  His look of 
                                    surprise was quickly replaced by a look of fear and 
                                    "Take it easy, okay?  Let me get a look at you."
                                    Hodge made his way over and knelt beside them.  He 
                                    handed a pair of latex gloves to Scully who quickly 
                                    pulled them on.  Scully pulled Mulder's shirt away, 
                                    causing Mulder to wince.  
                                    Hodge looked at the back.  "Through and through," he 
                                    "That's good, Mulder.  We don't have to worry about 
                                    the bullet," Scully explained as she leaned over to 
                                    examine the exit wound.
                                    "Feels like something's broken," he gasped.
                                    "Let me see.  It's going to hurt a little bit."
                                    "Mulder nodded and Scully began to feel around the 
                                    wound.  When she felt his collarbone, Mulder jerked 
                                    away and yelped in pain.  Hodge reached out to steady 
                                    "Sorry, Mulder.  It looks like the bullet angled up 
                                    and glanced off your collarbone.  It's definitely 
                                    "Shit, Scully!  It hurts!"
                                    "I know, Mulder.  Let's get you off the floor and 
                                    over to that stool.  We need to stop the bleeding and 
                                    clean it out.  Dr. Hodge, if you could help us over, 
                                    I can handle it from there."
                                    "Okay.  I don't want to leave her for long."
                                    They got Mulder on the stool and Hodge left to tend 
                                    to DaSilva.
                                    "Let's get your shirt off and get this taken care of.  
                                    Do you think you can sit there while I get some 
                                    "Yeah, I'm a little shaky, but I think I can hold 
                                    myself up."
                                    "Good.  Hang in there.  I won't be gone long."
                                    "How's she doing?" Mulder asked, nodding toward 
                                    DaSilva, his voice shaky.
                                    "She's unconscious but her vitals are returning to 
                                    normal.  Agent Mulder, she didn't know what she was 
                                    doing.  The worm . . ."
                                    "I know.  I don't blame her."
                                    "I'm sorry about the way we treated you," Hodge 
                                    "We'll talk later," Mulder answered.  "Scully, where 
                                    are you?"
                                    "I'm coming."
                                    "Don't think I can sit here much longer," he sighed 
                                    as she set the supplies on the table.
                                    "Please try.  It will be much easier to work on you 
                                    if you're sitting."
                                    "I'll try."
                                    Hodge came back over.  "Agent Mulder, I'll hold you 
                                    steady.  Let's get that shirt off."
                                    Between the two of them, Scully and Hodge stopped the 
                                    bleeding and cleaned the wound. 
                                    Scully was taping gauze over the bullet holes when 
                                    Mulder began to perspire heavily.  "Need to lay 
                                    down," he groaned.
                                    "Hang on for just a few minutes more while I 
                                    immobilize your arm," Scully directed.
                                    Scully placed his right arm against his chest and 
                                    wrapped an ace bandage around his arm and chest.
                                    "There, that should keep you from moving it.  Now, 
                                    let's get you to your room.  Do you think you can 
                                    "Don't know.  Feeling kind of sick," he reported as 
                                    he wiped the perspiration from his forehead.
                                    "You're going into shock.  We need to start an IV.  I 
                                    have all the supplies right here, let's just get to 
                                    your room and I'll get it started and you'll be much 
                                    more comfortable."
                                    "Hate needles."
                                    "It'll be over before you know it.  Come on, let's 
                                    see if you can stand."
                                    She helped Mulder to his feet while Hodge went back 
                                    to check on DaSilva.  He began to sway, then took a 
                                    deep breath and steadied himself.
                                    "Better?" Scully inquired.
                                    "Some.  Let's get going.  I don't think I'll last 
                                    Scully put her right arm around him and grabbed the 
                                    medical supplies with the other.  After a few stops 
                                    to rest, she finally got Mulder to his room and eased 
                                    him down to the bed.  "I've got a nice shot of 
                                    morphine for you.  Let me get that IV going and I'll 
                                    put it in there.  It'll work much faster.
                                    "Thanks, Scully," he shivered.
                                    "You okay?"
                                    "I guess.  Getting shot?  Kinda scared me."  He took 
                                    a deep breath and let it out slowly.
                                    "I'd be frightened too, Mulder, but you're going to 
                                    be just fine.  Other than the pain factor, it's 
                                    really not a serious wound.  If you were seen at an 
                                    ER they would probably observe you for a few hours, 
                                    then send you home."  Scully began to prep him for 
                                    the IV as she talked.
                                    "Never been shot before, you know?  Hurts like hell."
                                    "I can't imagine."  She got the IV catheter inserted, 
                                    taped down and hooked up to the tubing.  "Now for 
                                    some joy juice," she said as she adjusted the flow.
                                    "Joy juice?"
                                    "Sure.  You'll be seeing pink elephants in no time."
                                    "As long as they don't tap dance on my shoulder, 
                                    they're welcome to share my space."
                                    "Let's get you under the covers."  She helped Mulder 
                                    lay back and get as comfortable as possible.  
                                    "Yeah.  At least my stomach's not rolling anymore.  
                                    The rest of me is starting to spin though."
                                    "That's the morphine.  Close your eyes and let it 
                                    "I'm almost afraid to," he admitted.
                                    "Relax, Mulder.  I've got your back."
                                    "Can I count on that?" he asked, closing his eyes.
                                    "Yes, Mulder.  You can trust me."
                                    "Then why did I spend the night in the storage room?" 
                                    he questioned angrily.
                                    "I think we all let the situation get out of hand," 
                                    Scully sighed.
                                    Mulder slowly opened his eyes.  "It was me, Scully.  
                                    I thought you knew me, trusted me."
                                    "I do, Mulder, but you pulled your gun on us.  I 
                                    reacted the only way I could."
                                    "But, it was me, Scully," he said softly as his eyes 
                                    closed again.  "Too sleepy to talk now.  Gotta talk 
                                    s'more later," he slurred and then gave into the 
                                    Mulder began to shiver and she pulled the covers more 
                                    tightly around him as she wondered what she could do 
                                    to repair the fragile trust that had been shattered 
                                    hours earlier.
                                    A tear rolled down her cheek as she hesitated, then 
                                    smoothed the hair back from his forehead.  "Oh, 
                                    Mulder.  What have I done?"
                                    Mulder mumbled something as he shifted uncomfortably.
                                    The door opened, startling her.  Dr. Hodge poked his 
                                    head in.  "She came around enough to get her to a 
                                    bed.  How's he doing?"
                                    "Physically, he's shocky and hurting like hell.  
                                    Emotionally, I think he's hurting even more.  I don't 
                                    think he trusts me now, and I don't blame him."
                                    "We did what we had to do."
                                    "Did we?  Damn it!  I know him and I trust him.  I 
                                    should have listened to him."  Scully swiped angrily 
                                    at the tears that were now flowing freely.
                                    "Agent Scully, you need to get some rest.  We can 
                                    talk this out later when our emotions aren't so raw.  
                                    We're stuck here until the storm breaks and we need 
                                    to get along," Hodge said.  "I know I blew it, but 
                                    we've got to get past that.  Please, give us another 
                                    chance," he pleaded.
                                    "We'll talk later when Mulder can participate."
                                    She got up and found a blanket, then moved a chair 
                                    over to Mulder's bedside.  "Just go.  I need to get 
                                    some rest."
                                    "All right, Agent Scully.  I'll be by to check on you 
                                    in a few hours," promised as he shut the door.
                                    Mulder slept fitfully while Scully dozed and checked 
                                    on him from time to time.  She was awakened from her 
                                    light sleep by a whimper of pain.  She sat up 
                                    "Mulder, what's wrong?"
                                    "Got any more joy juice?  The elephants are starting 
                                    to tap dance," Mulder explained.
                                    "They're not very considerate are they?" Scully 
                                    grinned.  "Let me check you over first."
                                    She checked his pulse and blood pressure and pulled 
                                    the bandages loose, causing Mulder to stiffen and try 
                                    to pull away.  Satisfied that he was holding his own, 
                                    she injected a little more morphine into his IV.
                                    "Hodge.  What did he want?"
                                    "He was trying to apologize," Scully answered 
                                    "Tough shit.  If he'd listened I might not be here."  
                                    Mulder closed his eyes again as he felt the rush of 
                                    the medication.  "Gonna have to do a lot of talkin' 
                                    to convince me."  He shivered again.  "Feel like 
                                    "I'm sure you do.  I'm going to run in some 
                                    antibiotics.  I'm afraid you're developing an 
                                    "That's just great," he groaned and gritted his teeth 
                                    against the pain.
                                    "Just relax and let the morphine work."
                                    "Easy for you to say."  He shivered again.  "Can't 
                                    get warm."
                                    "I think you have a little fever."  Scully rummaged 
                                    around in her medical kit.  "Aha!"  She held up a 
                                    bottle of ibuprofen.  "Think you can get a couple of 
                                    these down?"
                                    "They'll go down.  Can't guarantee they'll stay 
                                    "Nothing ventured.  Nothing gained," she reminded 
                                    him, looking around until she spotted a bottle of 
                                    water on the nightstand.
                                    She handed it to Mulder who just looked at her.  "Uh, 
                                    Scully.  Bottlecap?"
                                    "Sorry."  She took the bottle back and opened it for  
                                    him, then placed two of the tablets on his tongue.  
                                    He took the bottle from her and drained half of it in 
                                    one gulp.
                                    "Take it easy, or you will be sick," she warned, 
                                    taking the bottle from him.
                                    "I'm thirsty."
                                    "I know.  Go back to sleep and you can have some more 
                                    when you wake up."
                                    "'Kay.  Tired anyway."
                                    Mulder had been sleeping for around 45 minutes when 
                                    Hodge stuck his head in the door.  "How's he doing?"
                                    Scully left Mulder's bedside and met Hodge in the 
                                    hall.  "He's not doing as well as I would like.  His 
                                    temperature is elevated and before you even suggest 
                                    it, he's showing no signs of infection by the 
                                    "I wasn't going to suggest that," Hodge defended 
                                    himself.  "It could be from shock, blood loss or 
                                    infection.  How are you treating it?" 
                                    "I'm using ibuprofen to lower his temperature and I'm 
                                    piggy-backing a broad spectrum antibiotic along with 
                                    the normal saline IV."
                                    "That's about all you can do for the moment."
                                    "How is Dr. DaSilva?" Scully inquired.
                                    "Nancy has been in and out of consciousness.  She 
                                    doesn't remember what happened.  Will she be charged, 
                                    Agent Scully?" he asked worriedly.
                                    "I honestly couldn't answer that.  I'll turn in my 
                                    report and state the facts.  Whether she is charged 
                                    will not be my decision.  I can tell you that I will 
                                    not recommend that any charges be placed."
                                    "Thank you."
                                    "Now, if you'll excuse me I'd like to get back to 
                                    Agent Mulder."
                                    "Just one more thing, Agent Scully.  Don't you think 
                                    it would be easier if we had both patients in one 
                                    room?  We could take turns watching over them.  We 
                                    both need rest and it could be some time before we're 
                                    rescued," Hodge suggested.
                                    "Yes, it would be easier, but I don't know how Agent 
                                    Mulder would feel about it."
                                    "I understand.  Why don't you run it by him and let 
                                    me know later?"
                                    "I'll do that, Dr. Hodge.  Now, I really must get 
                                    back inside."
                                    Scully went back into the room and shut the door just 
                                    in time to see Mulder attempting to slide out of bed.
                                    "Mulder, what do you think you're doing?" she 
                                    exclaimed, crossing the room quickly.
                                    "I was trying to get out of bed, but it's a little 
                                    harder than I thought," he gasped as Scully helped 
                                    him sit up.
                                    "Just where do you think you were going?"
                                    "I need to take a trip down the hall, you know, the 
                                    uh . . ."
                                    "Restroom?" Scully asked.
                                    "Yes, and the sooner the better.  If you could just 
                                    help me get to my feet," he hinted.
                                    "Mulder, you're going to need more help than that."
                                    "Scully, I've been taking care of this since I was 
                                    two years old."
                                    "Not with one arm strapped to your chest I'd wager."
                                    Mulder just stared at her.
                                    "Buttons or zipper?" she asked
                                    "Button fly or zipper?'
                                    "Oh, button fly," he answered, comprehension finally 
                                    setting in.
                                    "Then you're probably going to need some help."
                                    "Uh, I think I'll be okay."
                                    "Okay, then let's go.  At least hold onto me until we 
                                    get there.  I'd rather not have to pick you up off 
                                    the floor."
                                    "Fine, can we get this show on the road before the 
                                    situation turns critical?" he asked, clearly looking 
                                    "Sure, let's go.  I could always get Dr. Hodge . . ."
                                    "Scully, let's just go.  I can handle it."
                                    Ten minutes later Scully was still waiting outside 
                                    the restroom.  "Mulder, are you okay in there?"
                                    The door opened slowly to reveal Mulder with his 
                                    pants unbuttoned.  "It's not as easy as I thought it 
                                    would be," he moaned, his face bright red.  "Do you 
                                    think you could, uh?"
                                    "Could I what, Mulder?" Scully asked sweetly.
                                    "Damn it, Scully!  Would you quit gloating and just 
                                    button my jeans?"
                                    "Yes, Mulder, since you asked me so nicely, I'll help 
                                    "This is so embarrassing."
                                    "Mulder, if you recall, on our first case I had you 
                                    checking my mosquito bites for signs of alien 
                                    testing.  That was embarrassing.  I'd say we're even.  
                                    There, finished.  Did you bring any sweats?"
                                    Scully put her arm around his waist and they began to 
                                    make their way back to his room.  "Why don't we get 
                                    you changed into a pair of sweats then?  That would 
                                    eliminate one problem at least."
                                    "Okay, can we hurry this along?  Feeling kind of 
                                    "Of course."
                                    By the time they returned to the room Mulder 
                                    collapsed on the bed.  Scully helped him stretch out, 
                                    then began to take his vitals.
                                    "Mulder, you don't need to be out of bed," she 
                                    announced after she finished.  "Your pressure is a 
                                    little low, your pulse a little fast and your 
                                    temperature is 101."
                                    "Guess that's why I feel like crap," he sighed.  
                                    "This is hurting like a son of a bitch."
                                    "I'll give you some more morphine in a bit.  Dr. 
                                    Hodge has suggested that we put you and Dr. DaSilva 
                                    in the same room."
                                    "It would be much easier," Scully argued.
                                    "I don't trust him.  At least DaSilva had an excuse.  
                                    She was infected, but Hodge is a bastard and I don't 
                                    want him near me," Mulder stated adamantly.
                                    "Mulder, I helped to lock you in that storage room 
                                    too," Scully said softly.
                                    "Scully, I've been thinking about that.  The way I 
                                    see it, you didn't have much choice.  You were out-
                                    numbered, and the circumstances did make it seem that 
                                    I was infected.  You tried your best to convince them 
                                    I was clean."
                                    "I feel like I should have done more," Scully 
                                    "You came through when it counted.  No hard feelings, 
                                    "Are we okay, then?" she asked.
                                    "Żeah, we're okay. Now, how about  some more of 
                                    that joy juice?  The elephants are tap dancing and I 
                                    think they brought the whole troupe of Riverdance 
                                    with them," Mulder grinned.
                                    "Okay, let's get those sweats on first, then maybe 
                                    you can rest a bit more comfortably."  Scully moved 
                                    to his bag and located a navy blue pair.  "Will these 
                                    "Yeah," he answered, trying to unbutton his fly 
                                    "Let me do that," Scully offered.  "The faster we get 
                                    this done, the sooner I can inject the morphine."
                                    "Okay," he gave in.  "It's still embarrassing as 
                                    "You'll get over it," she smiled as she loosened the 
                                    first button.
                                    There was a knock on the door and Hodge stuck his 
                                    head in.  "Oh, excuse me," he said.  "I didn't mean 
                                    to interrupt anything.  I, uh, just wanted to let you 
                                    know that there's a break in the weather and a rescue 
                                    team is on the way.  I'll, uh, let you two get back 
                                    to what you were doing," he reported and quickly 
                                    closed the door.
                                    Scully and Mulder looked at  each other and burst out 
                                    "I can only imagine what was going through his mind," 
                                    Scully giggled.
                                    "His report should make interesting reading," Mulder 
                                    laughed, then winced.  "Ow, that hurts."
                                    "Then let's get this project finished so I can give 
                                    you some more morphine, partner."
                                    "Okay, partner," Mulder agreed, emphasizing the word.  
                                    "And we've got a report of our own to write later."
                                    "Yes, we do.  Together."