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Return to OZ prt2
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Return To Oz, Part 2
                                    Mulder decided to spend some time trying to come up 
                                    with a better explanation for hurting his back.  
                                    Falling on his ass sounded so unmanly and downright 
                                    klutzy.  Yes, a more macho explanation was definitely 
                                    in order
                                    He tried to turn his head to check on Robbie.  It 
                                    wasn't too painful.  He just had to remember to keep 
                                    his lower back from moving.  The little guy was 
                                    sleeping peacefully.  Scully had come up with a 
                                    really good idea when she placed the bathrobe around 
                                    him.  She had gone to the trunk of the car and raided 
                                    their luggage.  It was probably the warmest item they 
                                    had other than their coats.  Mulder wished he could 
                                    maneuver into that sweatshirt that Scully had covered 
                                    him with.   The interior of the car was beginning to 
                                    cool off again.
                                    Mulder managed to get a look at his watch.  It had 
                                    been over five hours since they'd left the Stewarts.  
                                    Surely they had called the pizza parlor and found out 
                                    when they left.  Help should be here soon, he assured 
                                    Then his mind just had to turn in the other 
                                    direction.  He began to think of all the bad things 
                                    that could happen.  Scully had gotten lost, so they 
                                    wouldn't be looking for them here at first.  That was 
                                    going to add some time onto the whole thing.  All 
                                    right, they could scoop up snow and let it melt in 
                                    their mouths, so they had a ready supply of water.  
                                    He had some sunflower seeds and a package of peanut 
                                    butter and crackers from the hotel vending machine.  
                                    He remembered throwing them in his suitcase when he 
                                    packed, and Scully usually gathered up the spare 
                                    crackers that came with her salads in case she wanted 
                                    to nibble on something during one of their dull, 
                                    boring drives to nowhere.  Okay, so they wouldn't 
                                    starve to death immediately.  That was somewhat 
                                    Worry about how Allen Stewart would react when they 
                                    were found crept into his thoughts.  He would 
                                    probably want to beat the shit out of him for being 
                                    stupid enough to let Scully drive in snow this deep.  
                                    Well, it couldn't hurt any worse than the pain 
                                    already coming from his back.  He shivered from the 
                                    cold and barely kept a cry of pain from escaping.  No 
                                    sense in waking the others up.
                                    Another problem was becoming more and more pressing.  
                                    He had to pee!  It seemed like cold weather always 
                                    made him need to go more often.  Usually not a big 
                                    deal; now, he would have to go outside and get far 
                                    enough away from the car that he wouldn't contaminate 
                                    any possible drinking water.  Damn!
                                    Robbie whimpered in his sleep, waking Scully.  She 
                                    turned to check on him and was relieved that he had 
                                    gone back to sleep.  She turned her attention to 
                                    Mulder.  "How're you holding up partner?"
                                    "Oh, I'm fine, well, not fine but okay.  Maybe not 
                                    okay," he sighed.
                                    "Is the pain worse?"
                                    "A little," Mulder answered.  "The main discomfort 
                                    right now is that I need to take a leak."
                                    "Oh, I see."
                                    "This is embarrassing, Scully.  I don't think I can 
                                    make it out there and back by myself."
                                    "Mulder, we're partners, friends and lovers.  I've 
                                    seen you relieve yourself before. So why are you so 
                                    embarrassed?" she asked, reaching up to push that 
                                    stubborn lock of hair off his forehead.
                                    "Because, I'm so damned helpless right now.  Robbie 
                                    will know that his big "hero" can't even take a piss 
                                    by himself!"
                                    Robbie whimpered again.  "Dana, got to go potty."
                                    "Well, Mulder, I think your problem might be solved. 
                                    Everyone takes a bathroom break," Scully grinned.  
                                    "All right, Robbie.  Let's get you out of that car 
                                    seat.  Now, we'll have to hold on to each other when 
                                    we get outside.  The snow is very deep and it is 
                                    coming down so hard that we'll have trouble seeing.  
                                    We have to stick together so we won't get lost."
                                    "Okay," Robbie acknowledged, pushing the bathrobe 
                                    "This gives blue balls a whole new meaning," Mulder 
                                    grimaced as they started their way back to the car.
                                    "I'm cold," Robbie shivered.
                                    "I'm going to start the car as soon as we get back," 
                                    Scully promised.
                                    "When will Daddy come and get us?"
                                    "Probably very soon," Scully hedged.
                                    "I don't really like camping in the car.  I want to 
                                    go to sleep in my bed with Sponge Bob," Robbie 
                                    "I'm sure Sponge Bob misses you too, but I'll bet 
                                    he's being very brave," Scully told him.
                                    "Mulder, are you scared?" Robbie queried.
                                    "Nah.  It's like Scully said.  We're having an 
                                    "I'll be brave like Sponge Bob, then."
                                    "Good thinking, Buddy," Mulder praised, trying to 
                                    keep his voice even as a spasm clenched his back 
                                    muscles again.
                                    When they reached the car, Robbie climbed into the 
                                    back seat.  Mulder tried to maneuver himself so that 
                                    he could drop down onto the passenger seat.  He 
                                    suddenly stopped and cried out.
                                    The pain was so overwhelming this time that he 
                                    couldn't speak, or even swallow.  Saliva trailed down 
                                    his chin and dropped onto the snow below.  Alarmed, 
                                    Scully tightened her grip on his arm and waited for 
                                    the spasm to subside.  Mulder was eventually able to 
                                    move his arm enough to bring his hand to his mouth to 
                                    wipe away the drool.
                                    "Better?" Scully asked, worry lines creasing her 
                                    "Getting there.  That was the worst yet," he gasped.
                                    "Mulder, I'm so sorry.  I'm going to look in my 
                                    medical kit when I clear the tailpipe, but I don't 
                                    think I have anything stronger than ibuprofen.  That 
                                    might help a little though."
                                    "It's worth a try.  I wish I could lie down," he 
                                    "Unless you want to stretch out on the snow, you'll 
                                    have to sit."
                                    "I know.  I know.  All right, I'm ready to try and 
                                    get my ass on the seat.'
                                    It was just as difficult, if not harder, to get 
                                    situated this time.  Mulder tried his best to keep 
                                    from crying out, but was unsuccessful.  By the time 
                                    Scully got his feet in the car, Robbie had moved 
                                    behind Mulder and started to pat the agent's 
                                    shoulders while he cried softly.
                                    "What's the matter Robbie?" Scully asked.
                                    "I just feel so sorry for Mulder.  He hurts so bad," 
                                    he sniffled.
                                    "Hey, big guy, I'm okay.  I'm just being a big baby," 
                                    Mulder assured him, trying to keep his voice as 
                                    normal sounding as possible.
                                    "Mommy says it's okay to cry when you're hurt."
                                    "Your Mommy's right, but I'm trying to be really 
                                    brave right now."
                                    "You can still be brave even if you have to cry."
                                    "Thanks, Robbie.  Are you sure you're only four years 
                                    old?" Mulder asked incredulously.
                                    "Okay, Robbie.  Do you want to sit in your car seat, 
                                    or would you like for me to move it so that you can 
                                    lie down?" Scully asked.
                                    "I think I want to lay down," he answered as his 
                                    eyelids began to droop.
                                    "Good choice, little man," Mulder encouraged.  "I 
                                    wish there was room for me back there too."
                                    "Next time get a bigger car," Robbie suggested.  "Or, 
                                    get a truck like my Dad gots."
                                    "We'll take that into consideration.  Now, let's get 
                                    that car seat moved and get you settled in," Scully 
                                    She moved the seat and re-wrapped him in the 
                                    bathrobe.  Robbie was asleep as soon as his eyes 
                                    closed.  Scully pressed a kiss to his forehead and 
                                    gently shut the door.
                                    "Where's mine?" Mulder asked, unsuccessfully trying 
                                    to leer through his pain.
                                    "Where's what?" she asked, a puzzled look on her 
                                    "My kiss."
                                    "Oh, you mean this?" she smiled, and then capturing 
                                    his lips enthusiastically, kissed him. "I was saving 
                                    the best for last."
                                    "Oh, Scully, if I could move . . ." he couldn't 
                                    finish as the next spasm took over.
                                    "Mulder, I'm so sorry you hurt so badly.  I'm going 
                                    now to clear the tailpipe and check my medical kit."
                                    "'Kay," he grunted through the pain.
                                    "I'll be right back," she promised and closed his 
                                    door, shutting out the freezing air.
                                    "Please let her find drugs," he begged silently, 
                                    grinding his teeth.  Even a lone Tylenol would be 
                                    welcome right now.  An injection of Demerol or 
                                    morphine would be heaven.
                                    After a few minutes Mulder heard the trunk slam and 
                                    soon Scully was back in the car.  She turned on the 
                                    engine, making sure the heat was on full blast.  As 
                                    she turned on the lights, all they could see was a 
                                    vast white sea of snow stretching in all directions.  
                                    The road was barely discernable.  Mulder noticed, 
                                    too, that she had set a fast food drink cup on the 
                                    "Looks like it might be letting up a bit," she 
                                    remarked as she shook snow from her hair.  "Mulder, I 
                                    found two sample packets of Motrin IB, two tablets 
                                    each.  I also found this," she grinned as she pulled 
                                    a pre-loaded syringe from her right pocket.  "Ta da!"
                                    "What is it?" Mulder asked, hope in his eyes.
                                    "It's 100 cc's of Demerol.  I actually forgot I had 
                                    it and, even better, it hasn't expired.  Of course, 
                                    now we have some decisions to make."
                                    "Uh-huh.  Do you want the full dose right now?  Do 
                                    you want to split it in half?  It won't give as much 
                                    pain relief that way, but it will last a little 
                                    longer, or do you want the Motrin now and save the 
                                    Demerol for later if the pain gets worse?"
                                    "What would you advise?"
                                    "Well, the full dose would provide the most pain 
                                    relief and would probably allow you to get some 
                                    sleep, but once it's gone you could get even worse, 
                                    and the tablets would be useless."
                                    "Go on."
                                    "If I give you half now, it would take the edge off 
                                    and we could supplement it with the Motrin, then give 
                                    another dose later on with the rest of the tablets."
                                    "Any other options?"
                                    "You could take the Motrin first to see if you get 
                                    any relief, then make a decision about the Demerol."
                                    "And what do you suggest, Dr. Scully?"
                                    "I have mixed feelings.  I want to see you get some 
                                    real relief and that would involve injecting all of 
                                    it at once.  On the other hand, we don't know how 
                                    long we'll be here, so it might be better to mix the 
                                    two.  I don't know, Mulder," she sighed.  "You're 
                                    conscious and lucid, so the decision is yours to 
                                    "As much as I would like to drift away into drug-
                                    induced oblivion, we don't know when help will 
                                    arrive, so I'm going to take two Motrin and try to 
                                    hold off on succumbing to the Demerol as long as I 
                                    can.  If it gets unbearable you can put the entire 
                                    thing into my arm.  Does that sound reasonable to 
                                    "Very much so, except for the arm.  It'll have to go 
                                    in your hip or leg.  I think you're making the right 
                                    decision, though."
                                    "What's in the cup, by the way?" he queried.
                                    Scully tilted it over so he could see it.  "Melted 
                                    snow to help the tablets go down.  It's a good thing 
                                    you're such a slob.  I found this on the floor when I 
                                    tucked Robbie in.  Now we have something to melt snow 
                                    in for drinking water."
                                    "I knew my aversion to emptying trash would 
                                    eventually come in handy.  Okay, hand 'em over," he 
                                    directed as he took the cup from her.
                                    She tore the sample packet open and handed Mulder the 
                                    tablets.  He took them along with a few sips of 
                                    melted snow.  "Better fill this back up," he said 
                                    handing it back.  "And pack it down really well."
                                    "Good idea.  Why don't you try to rest now?  I'll 
                                    take the next watch," Scully offered.
                                    "Scully, there are about 1000 evil little guys with 
                                    ice picks buried all along the nerves of my spine.  
                                    They're working overtime tonight, so I seriously 
                                    doubt that they'll let me rest or sleep.  Thanks for 
                                    the offer, though."
                                    "Well, do you mind if I keep you company?" Scully 
                                    asked as she scooted over toward him.
                                    "I would love to have the pleasure of your company."
                                    The partners passed the next few hours by talking 
                                    softly, cuddling and checking on Robbie.  Scully 
                                    started the car again and turned on the lights when 
                                    the cold got too uncomfortable to bear.  The snow 
                                    continued to accumulate, but not at the alarming rate 
                                    of the earlier hours.
                                    The Motrin hadn't helped Mulder a bit, but he found 
                                    that the pain was bearable as long as he didn't make 
                                    an effort to move.  Then his bladder began to send 
                                    insistent signals again.
                                    "Hmm?" she mumbled sleepily from her place on his 
                                    "I hate to do this to you, but unless we want to add 
                                    to our problems by enduring a flood of major 
                                    proportions, I need to get outside and take another 
                                    "I don't suppose you could wait?" she asked, tilting  
                                    her head up to look at him.
                                    He shook his head no.
                                    "Is there anything else you might have shoved under 
                                    the seat that you could use as a urinal?"
                                    "No, that one cup was it.  If you can just help me 
                                    out, I can hold on to the car and make it a few feet 
                                    to the road.  I don't think I have to worry about any 
                                    "Mulder, I don't know."
                                    "You need to stay with Robbie anyway," he pointed 
                                    Scully mulled it over and finally decided that it was 
                                    the only way.  If Robbie woke up alone he would be 
                                    very frightened.  "Let's go, then," she decided.
                                    "Thank you.  I need to hurry."
                                    "All right.  I'm on my way."
                                    Scully carefully made her way around the car to 
                                    Mulder's door and opened it.  She carefully lifted 
                                    his legs out, one at a time.
                                    "Oh, shit!" he exclaimed.  "You'd think I'd be used 
                                    to it by now," he gasped.
                                    "Mulder, be very careful.  I think some freezing rain 
                                    must be mixing in with this.  It seems a lot slicker 
                                    than before," she warned.
                                    "I'll hold onto the car as long as I can," he 
                                    promised as he pushed himself out of the seat.  It 
                                    took every ounce of strength he had to keep from 
                                    screaming in pain and frustration.  "Scully?" he 
                                    asked shakily.
                                    "Yeah, Mulder?"
                                    "Have the Demerol ready when I get back," he ground 
                                    out through clenched teeth.
                                    "I was just going to suggest that.  All or half?"
                                    "The whole thing, Scully," he grunted as he began to 
                                    shuffle gingerly around the car.
                                    When he felt he was far enough away, Mulder relieved 
                                    himself and began to shuffle back to the car.  
                                    Despite the freezing temperatures, perspiration 
                                    beaded on his forehead, the result of pain and 
                                    exertion.  Just as he reached for the passenger door 
                                    to steady his self, he slipped and fell against the 
                                    side of the car.
                                    "Mulder!" Scully exclaimed as she made her way to 
                                    him, deep snow slowing her progress.
                                    He was trying to push away from the car, but kept 
                                    losing his footing.  His attempt to keep from 
                                    screaming in pain failed.  When Scully finally 
                                    arrived to steady him, he was hoarse with the effort.
                                    "Did you hurt yourself?"
                                    "Ribs will be a little sore," he groaned.
                                    "You'll be lucky if that's all.  Come on.  Slow and 
                                    easy does it."
                                    With Scully to steady him, he made it back to his 
                                    seat without any further trouble.
                                    "Before I put your feet inside I want to check those 
                                    ribs," she said, unzipping his coat.
                                    "Hey, not in front of the kid," he grinned briefly 
                                    before it turned into a grimace.
                                    Scully carefully pulled his shirt and sweater up and 
                                    whistled when she saw the diagonal bruise already 
                                    forming across the right side of his chest.  "That's 
                                    going to be colorful," she predicted as she palpated 
                                    the area.
                                    Mulder jumped, holding back a groan as his back 
                                    muscles went into spasm once again.
                                    "I don't feel anything out of the ordinary, but that 
                                    doesn't mean you couldn't have a fracture," she 
                                    reported, reaching into her pocket for the Demerol.  
                                    "I'm just going to shove your jeans down a bit and 
                                    put this in your hip.  Then we'll get you situated 
                                    again.  It should be dawn in another hour or so.  
                                    Maybe we'll be found then."
                                    "Ouch!  Easy!" he exclaimed.
                                    "I'm sorry, Mulder.  There," she comforted as she 
                                    tried to massage away the sting of the injection.  
                                    "Let's get your feet back inside."
                                    Mulder endured the pain once again as Scully 
                                    carefully moved his feet back inside the car and 
                                    helped him get situated.  She closed his door and 
                                    carefully made her way around the back of the car to 
                                    be sure the tailpipe was clear.  When she got back 
                                    inside she started the engine and turned on the 
                                    lights and heater.  Mulder was shivering badly again.  
                                    "We'll have you warmed up in no time," she promised.
                                    "Thanks, Sc ... Scully."
                                    "Just relax and let the Demerol work its way into 
                                    your system.  You should be more comfortable soon."
                                    "Couldn't get much worse.  Hmm, starting to feel a 
                                    little woozy now," he reported.
                                    "Just give into it then."
                                    "'Kay.  Wake me if you need me," he yawned and closed 
                                    his eyes.
                                    Soon Mulder was snoring softly.  Scully turned off 
                                    the lights and engine before checked on Robbie.  The 
                                    bathrobe had slipped slightly as he moved in his 
                                    sleep.  She tenderly tucked it back around him.
                                    She looked back to Mulder, wishing she had a camera.  
                                    He had managed to lean his head back and his mouth 
                                    was wide open.  Well, whatever it took.  He needed 
                                    the rest.  Scully sighed and settled in to wait some 
                                    Shortly before dawn, Mulder began to stir.  "Mmm, no 
                                    rescue yet?" he asked sleepily.
                                    "No, sorry.   Looks like the snow has stopped 
                                    "Hope they find us soon," he wished, gritting his 
                                    "Getting bad again?"
                                    "Dana?  Mulder?" a little voice called from the back 
                                    "Good morning, Robbie," Scully greeted.
                                    "Are we still having a venture?" he asked sleepily.
                                    "Yes, we are, but I'll bet it won't be long before 
                                    your dad finds us now that it is getting lighter 
                                    outside," Scully answered, trying to reassure him.
                                    "I'm hungry."
                                    "Do you like peanut butter and crackers?" Mulder 
                                    "For breakfast?" Robbie answered, surprised.
                                    "Yeah, for breakfast."
                                    "Mommy makes me eat oatmeal."
                                    "Just for today we're going to change the routine.  
                                    We're having an adventure, remember?" Scully reminded 
                                    Robbie shrugged his shoulders.  "Okay.  Does Mulder 
                                    still have a boo-boo?"
                                    "Yeah, buddy, I still have a big boo-boo, but I'll be 
                                    okay.  Don't worry," Mulder assured him.
                                    "So, Mulder, where are you hiding this fabulous 
                                    peanut butter and cracker breakfast?" Scully inquired 
                                    as the first light of dawn appeared in the east.
                                    "In the zip-up pocket in the front of my suitcase, 
                                    right next to my sunflower seeds."
                                    "I'm on it.  You want the seeds?"
                                    "No, I don't really feel like eating."
                                    "I'll bring them anyway.  You may want some later."
                                    Scully opened the door and started to head for the 
                                    trunk.  Mulder and Robbie were surprised when she 
                                    came right back.
                                    "Guess what?  There's a snowplow headed this way!" 
                                    she exclaimed.  "It looks like you might get to eat 
                                    your Mommy's oatmeal after all, Robbie!"
                                    "Great news, Robbie," Mulder agreed.
                                    "I'm going to stand outside and flag them down," 
                                    Scully decided.
                                    "Good idea.  I'd hate for them to pass us by," Mulder 
                                    "There is not a chance in this world that I would let 
                                    that happen.  Hang in there," she smiled as she shut 
                                    the door and made her way to the middle of the road, 
                                    ready to stop the oncoming snowplow.
                                    End Part 2