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                                    "Come on, Mulder.  Lean on me if you have to," Scully 
                                    encouraged after he stumbled once again.
                                    "Shut-up and keep moving!"
                                    The agents had been walking for almost fifteen 
                                    minutes with a shotgun aimed at their backs.  The 
                                    gunman didn't seem overly bright, but there was 
                                    something about him that warned that he had a rather 
                                    volatile temper.  Scully hoped that Mulder could keep 
                                    up without pushing their captor over the edge.  After 
                                    a few hundred feet they were directed to turn onto a 
                                    deer run to their right.
                                    Mulder managed to keep going, his arms wrapped 
                                    tightly around his stomach.  After he tripped over a 
                                    fallen tree branch, Scully was forced to support him 
                                    as they made their way through the forest.
                                    After walking for almost an hour, Mulder was sure 
                                    that he couldn't go much farther.  Once again he fell 
                                    to his knees and vomited beside the trail.
                                    "Mr. Big-City F.B.I., I don't know what the hell's 
                                    the matter with you, but I'd suggest you get up and 
                                    get movin' before I shoot you with your own gun and 
                                    leave you here beside the trail."
                                    Scully gently helped him up.  "Come on, Mulder.  
                                    Maybe it won't be much farther."
                                    "Why don't you just let him shoot me?"  
                                    His pain-filled eyes looked at her, filling her with 
                                    fear.  Her partner was extremely ill and was just 
                                    about beyond caring what he said or did.  Scully put 
                                    her right arm around his waist and he leaned into 
                                    her.  "Just take one step at a time.  We can do 
                                    They started back down the trail.  Almost at once the 
                                    trees thinned and bright sunlight exploded in their 
                                    faces.  They found themselves in a clearing 
                                    surrounded by trees on three sides and the edge of a 
                                    cliff on the other.  The clearing had been taken over 
                                    by rows and rows of tall, green plants.
                                    "Marijuana," Scully observed.
                                    "That's right, Red.  See that shed over there?  
                                    That's where you two are gonna spend the next day or 
                                    two.  Now, let's head on over there and get you 
                                    Before they took two steps, a man resembling their 
                                    captor emerged from between two rows of plants.
                                    "Wilson, what in the hell have you done now?"  He was 
                                    clearly irritated.
                                    "Found a couple of Feds looking at that platform.  
                                    Thought I'd better bring them in."
                                    "Well, shit!  We've got to get this stuff harvested 
                                    and get out of here!  The sooner the better."
                                    "One good thing about it, Wayne.  We've got plenty of 
                                    labor, but I don't think Mr. F.B.I. will be much 
                                    help," Wilson laughed nastily.  "He ain't feelin' too 
                                    "What did you do to him?"
                                    "Nothin'!  He was like that when I found him.  Kept 
                                    holdin' his stomach and pukin' all the way here."
                                    Mulder's right pant leg had ridden up as he stumbled 
                                    through the woods, revealing the small pistol that he 
                                    wore at his ankle.
                                    "Wilson, you idiot!  He's got a gun!" Wayne 
                                    exclaimed, stooping down to grab it from the holster.
                                    "What?  I already took one from him."
                                    "Well, he had another one.  You're lucky he didn't 
                                    put a hole in your head.  Let me check those 
                                    backpacks then put 'em in the shed with the other 
                                    After a quick check Wayne declared the backpacks 
                                    safe.  Wilson pushed the two F.B.I. agents into the 
                                    shed and threw their backpacks in behind them.  He 
                                    quickly locked the door and went into the field to 
                                    join his brother.
                                    Wayne and Wilson began arguing as soon as they 
                                    reached the first row of plants.
                                    "Why did you have to bring those two Feds here?" 
                                    Wayne fumed.
                                    "They found the platform.  What did you want me to 
                                    do?  Kill them?"
                                    "Of course not!  It's just that we're in enough 
                                    trouble if we get caught.  That plan of yours to keep 
                                    people away sure worked didn't it?  First those two 
                                    kids run right into our arms and now we could get 
                                    life for holdin' those two F.B.I. agents especially 
                                    is he's sick enough to die!"
                                    "As soon as we get the stuff harvested, I'll call 
                                    somebody to come and get 'em.  All right?"
                                    "Well, let's just hope that F.B.I. agent can hold on 
                                    until then," Wayne agreed.  "The next time you come 
                                    up with some hare-brained idea to make money, make 
                                    sure it's legal."
                                    "Think about how much we made from that first little 
                                    crop.  All we have to do is get this cut and dried 
                                    and we can spend the winter some place warm."
                                    "As long as that someplace warm isn't a jail cell.  
                                    It's your turn to feed those kids.  Guess you'd 
                                    better make some sandwiches for the Feds too."
                                    "Why do I always have to feed them?  It stinks in 
                                    there," Wilson whined.
                                    "Hey, you're the one that brought them here.  Go on 
                                    and take care of them.  After they eat you can bring 
                                    those kids out and let them help us cut some of this 
                                    down while we've still got some daylight.  Be sure 
                                    the shed is locked.  I don't want those Feds getting 
                                    "That guy ain't goin' far."
                                    "Well, you just make sure he don't."
                                    "Tyler and Zach I presume?" Mulder asked weakly as 
                                    soon as his eyes adjusted to the dark."
                                    "Yeah, who're you?"
                                    "We're Federal agents and we've been looking for 
                                    you," Scully answered.
                                    "Well, looks like you found us.  Fat lot of good 
                                    that's going to do," Zach replied sarcastically.
                                    "We'll figure something out," Scully assured them.  
                                    "Are both of you all right?"
                                    They both nodded yes.
                                    "Just a little hungry.  Two peanut butter sandwiches 
                                    and some water every day doesn't exactly fill me up.  
                                    I could use a shower too," Tyler chipped in.
                                    "Don't talk about food," Mulder groaned, rolling into 
                                    a ball on his side.
                                    "What's with him?"
                                    "He's not feeling well," Scully explained.
                                    "That's just great.  First you get captured and then 
                                    he's sick.  What kind of Federal agents are you?"
                                    "Shut-up, man.  I'm sick of listening to you gripe," 
                                    Tyler said angrily.
                                    Zach got up and walked to the far corner of the shed.  
                                    "Gettin' crowded in here."
                                    "Mulder, how are you doing?" Scully asked, concern in 
                                    her voice.
                                    "I'm okay."
                                    "No, you're not.  I need to know, Mulder."
                                    "Scully, I screwed up.  I should have told you," he 
                                    stated with a shaky voice.
                                    "Yes, you should have.  Now, talk to me.  How's the 
                                    "Bad.  I thought it was a 24 hour bug, but it's more 
                                    than that," he shivered.
                                    "Is there one particular area that hurts more?"
                                    "No, just my stomach in general."
                                    "Would you let me examine you?"
                                    "Kind of dark for that don't you think?"
                                    "I won't need much light," she assured him as she 
                                    pushed his shirt up.  "Tell me if it hurts."
                                    After a quick exam, Scully found that his left side 
                                    was a little tender but not terribly so.
                                    "What's wrong with me?"
                                    "I really don't know for sure.  It could be any 
                                    number of things.  We'll let the doctors at the 
                                    hospital decide when we get out of here.  In the 
                                    meantime, I have something for nausea in my kit.  I'm 
                                    going to give you an injection and then I want you to 
                                    drink some water."
                                    "It won't stay down," he protested.
                                    "You have to try.  You're dehydrated and that little 
                                    hike didn't help matters."
                                    "What are you talking about?" Tyler inquired.  
                                    "Yes, I'm also a medical doctor.  I'm going to give 
                                    my partner something to help his nausea so he can 
                                    drink.  He needs fluids."
                                    Tyler processed the information.  "Um, anything I can 
                                    do to help?  I'm pre-med at school."
                                    "Not right now, but thanks, Tyler.  I'm Dana Scully 
                                    and he's Fox Mulder, but he'd rather you call him 
                                    Mulder," Scully smiled.
                                    "I can see why," Tyler chuckled.
                                    "Thanks, kid," Mulder moaned.
                                    "Uh, sorry."
                                    Scully brought out the first-aid kit then began 
                                    rummaging in her pack until she found a bottle of 
                                    water and a flashlight.
                                    "I wish I had more light," she said turning on the 
                                    "Yeah, I hear you.  All we get is the light that 
                                    comes in between the boards.  Those cracks make it 
                                    damned cold at night too," Tyler supplied.
                                    Scully found a syringe and the vial of medication.
                                    "Tyler, if you could hold the flashlight while I fix 
                                    this injection I'd really appreciate it."  
                                    "Sure thing, Miss Scully."
                                    She popped the seal on the bottle and drew out 25 
                                    cc's, all the while cringing at the sound of her 
                                    name.  Coming from Tyler it made her feel like an 
                                    old-maid schoolteacher.  "Mulder, I'm ready.  It 
                                    needs to go in your hip and it's going to sting."
                                    "Do your worst, then," he challenged, loosening his 
                                    jeans just enough to bare a spot for the injection.
                                    "Oh, this is far from my worst," she laughed as she 
                                    jabbed the needle into his hip.
                                    "Ow!  Remind me not to be anywhere around when you do 
                                    your worst," Mulder commented, trying to rub away the 
                                    sting from the injection.
                                    "Rest for a few minutes and let that take effect, 
                                    then I want you to drink a sip or two of water."
                                    "Waste of time."
                                    "You never know.  Nothing ventured.  Nothing gained."
                                    "Do you think these guys are really going to let us 
                                    go?" Tyler asked hopefully.
                                    "I'm hoping they will.  I don't think they were 
                                    prepared for any of the complications they've 
                                    encountered.  I suspect this might be the first time 
                                    they've done anything like this and if we don't push 
                                    them, I think the odds are pretty good that they'll 
                                    keep their word.  They don't strike me as hardened 
                                    "That's a fortune in pot out there," Zach pointed 
                                    out.  "Money talks.  If it comes down to us or the 
                                    pot, you know what's gonna win."
                                    "Zach, would you just shut-up!" Tyler yelled angrily.  
                                    "I'm sick and tired of listening to you whine.  If 
                                    anything gets us killed, it will be that mouth of 
                                    The captives heard the lock on the door being opened.
                                    "Get away from the door!" Wilson hollered.
                                    They all moved toward the back wall.
                                    "Here's your supper," he announced, tossing in a 
                                    grocery bag.  "Damn, it smells worse than usual in 
                                    here.  You, college boy!"  He pointed to Tyler.  
                                    "Empty that slop bucket over the side of the cliff 
                                    and don't try anything.  My brother's out there in 
                                    the field and he'll be keepin' and eye on you."
                                    Tyler made his way to the door, a large white bucket 
                                    in hand, while Zach retrieved the bag with their 
                                    "Go on and make it quick and be careful with that 
                                    thing.  I don't wanna be smellin' it outside."
                                    Tyler wasn't gone long.  He placed the empty bucket 
                                    in a corner and as he turned around Zach tossed him a 
                                    sandwich.  He tore into it greedily.
                                    "I want you two kids to finish up 'cause I got some 
                                    work for you to do outside.  It's about time you 
                                    started to earn your keep."
                                    Wilson stood at the door until the students were 
                                    finished.  He motioned for them to walk in front of 
                                    him then shut the door and secured the lock.
                                    "You can have my sandwich, Scully," Mulder offered.
                                    "Thank you, but if you don't mind I'd rather save it 
                                    for Zach and Tyler.  Besides, you might feel like 
                                    eating it later."
                                    "Don't hold your breath," he sighed.  "We can watch 
                                    those kids argue over who gets to split it.  That'll 
                                    be more fun than watching me puke."  He yawned 
                                    loudly.  "Wow, that injection is making me sleepy."
                                    "That's exactly what it's supposed to do.  I want you 
                                    to take a sip of water now, then wait for about five 
                                    minutes and take another one," Scully directed as she 
                                    unscrewed the top of the bottle and offered it to her 
                                    He hesitated for a moment then took the bottle and 
                                    turned it up, taking a drink.  "I don't know if this 
                                    will work, but that water sure felt good going down."
                                    "Think positively, Mulder."
                                    "How much marijuana do you think is out there, 
                                    "It's a lot."
                                    "If those two guys pull it off they'll be quite 
                                    "They seem so amateurish that it wouldn't be 
                                    difficult for someone to double cross them," she 
                                    "I'd love a front row seat for that," he shivered.
                                    Scully felt Mulder's forehead.  "You are absolutely 
                                    burning up!"
                                    "Nah, just a little warm."
                                    The M.D. turned on the flashlight to search through 
                                    her first-aid kit.  "Ta da!" she exclaimed, holding 
                                    up her prize, a battery operated thermometer.  "Do 
                                    you think you can hold this under your tongue?"
                                    "Yeah, but make it quick."
                                    Scully put the thermometer under his tongue and took 
                                    his pulse while she waited for the beep.  At the 
                                    sound of the tone she quickly removed it and clicked 
                                    on the flashlight.  "102.1, Mulder.  If you can keep 
                                    the water down, I have some Tylenol to help with that 
                                    "I just want to sleep right now," he stated wearily.
                                    "Take another sip or two of water, then you can lie 
                                    down with your head in my lap if you want."
                                    He nodded yes and took two quick drinks from the 
                                    bottle and handed it back to Scully.  She replaced 
                                    the top and laid the bottle on Mulder's pack.  When 
                                    she scooted to the back wall, her partner followed 
                                    her and stretched out, using her lap for a pillow.
                                    "Oh, yeah.  I could get used to this," he answered 
                                    "Let me tell you something, Mulder.  You don't have 
                                    to be sick or injured to do this."
                                    "Oh, really?" he asked, surprise on his face.
                                    "Really.  I like it when we're this close."
                                    "So do I," Mulder agreed, his eyes crinkling up as a 
                                    huge smile spread across his face.
                                    "Shh.  Go to sleep."
                                    "Mmm, you're so soft," he muttered as his eyelids 
                                    began to feel heavy.  "Feels so good."
                                    Scully was astonished at how quickly he fell asleep.  
                                    Her astonishment quickly changed to concern when she 
                                    thought how unlike her partner that action was, even 
                                    with the drug in his system.  She relaxed her 
                                    shoulders and tried to get as comfortable as 
                                    possible, all the while thinking of the symptoms 
                                    Mulder had exhibited and what she might do to 
                                    alleviate his discomfort.  She knew, deep down, that 
                                    it was serious, but his symptoms were so generalized 
                                    that a diagnosis at this point was impossible.                                                                           
                                    The only thing she knew for sure was that he needed a 
                                    hospital, and soon.
The Sky People-Chapter 4
                                    Header and Disclaimer in Chapter 1
                                    Scully was roused from her stupor by the sound of the 
                                    door being opened.  The two students were dragged in.  
                                    Tyler sat beside her while Zach resumed his position 
                                    in the far corner.  They were hot and sweaty, adding 
                                    to the already ripe smell in the close quarters.
                                    "Fee, fi fo fum I smell the . . ."
                                    "Mulder, that's enough," Scully admonished, trying to 
                                    keep from smiling.
                                    "Sorry guys.  Guess they worked you pretty hard."
                                    "Yeah, they were in quite a hurry," Tyler answered.  
                                    "Wilson took off with what we cut down today."
                                    "How long do you think it will take to finish the 
                                    job?" Scully queried.
                                    "A day, day and a half at most," Zach answered, 
                                    apparently shedding his ill humor."
                                    "Are you feeling any better, Mr. Mulder?" Tyler asked 
                                    "No, and please call me Mulder.  Mr. Mulder was my 
                                    father."  Mulder sighed and propped himself up 
                                    carefully on his elbows.
                                    Scully hid a grin.  It seemed she wasn't the only one 
                                    feeling the generation gap. "Mulder, do you think you 
                                    could get some Tylenol down?"
                                    "Not right now.  My stomach is doing flip-flops 
                                    "I'm sorry."  She leaned over to feel his forehead.
                                    "'S okay.  Not your fault."  He swallowed heavily, 
                                    looking even more uncomfortable.
                                    "Just rest.  Perhaps you'll feel better later."
                                    "Don't think so."  He sat up suddenly and looked 
                                    around.  "Gonna throw up!  Where?"  He began to gag 
                                    as soon as the words were out.
                                    "Anywhere," Scully replied, putting her arm around 
                                    his shoulders as he began to retch miserably.
                                    Mulder didn't bring up much, but found that the 
                                    strain of vomiting made his stomach hurt all the 
                                    more.  He sank back weakly onto Scully's lap, drawing 
                                    himself into a fetal position, shivering.  "Told you 
                                    drinking was a waste of time."
                                    "Yes, you did, but we had to try and you must keep 
                                    "Don't ask me to do that."
                                    "Mulder, you have to try."
                                    "I'll be okay.  Jus' let me sleep."
                                    "All right.  You rest.  We'll talk later," Scully 
                                    Using part of a wood plank he'd found earlier Tyler 
                                    turned the loose dirt over where Mulder had been 
                                    sick.  After finishing his task, he threw the plank  
                                    toward an empty corner and sat down beside Scully.
                                    "Thanks," she murmured as Mulder began to snore 
                                    "How sick is he?"
                                    "He's quite ill and there's not a lot I can do for 
                                    him right now.  Even if we could escape I doubt that 
                                    he would be able to walk out."
                                    "I know I should have asked this earlier, but did 
                                    everyone else make it back okay?"
                                    "Yes, Tyler, they did.  Your parents and friends are 
                                    very worried about you."
                                    "Did they even look for us?" Zach asked angrily.
                                    "Of course, they did.  The Forestry Service even 
                                    brought in dogs but this area is pretty well off the 
                                    beaten track.  They probably didn't come in far 
                                    enough," Scully explained patiently.
                                    "Dumb country hicks," Zach muttered.
                                    "Zach, shut-up!  We were the ones who were dumb.  We 
                                    were so drunk that we ran right to them instead of 
                                    getting away from them."
                                    "Casey should be waiting back at our car and the 
                                    sheriff is expecting a report tonight.  I'm hoping 
                                    that another rescue crew will be in here by morning.  
                                    I tried to mark the trail as we moved along, so, 
                                    hopefully they will spot it and find us."
                                    "That was quick thinking, Agent Scully."
                                    "Let's just hope it works.  Oh!  I almost forgot!  
                                    Mulder couldn't eat his sandwich so you and Zach can 
                                    split it," Scully smiled, her free hand searching her 
                                    backpack.  "And, I just happen to have a candy bar 
                                    for each of you if you're interested."
                                    Zach made his way over in a hurry, eager for his 
                                    share of the unexpected bounty.  "Thanks, Agent 
                                    Scully.  Oh, wow!  A Hershey bar!"
                                    "With almonds," Tyler piped in.  "Oh, this is 
                                    wonderful.  The first thing I want to do when I get 
                                    out of here is to take a long, hot shower.  Then, I 
                                    want a steak dinner with all the trimmings."
                                    "Sounds like a plan, man." Zach giggled, his mood 
                                    changing for the better as he crammed the last of the 
                                    candy bar in his mouth.
                                    After the sun set, the autumn air became quite 
                                    chilly.  Mulder began to shiver anew while Scully 
                                    hugged him tightly trying to keep him warm.
                                    The lock on the door rattled and they heard Wayne's 
                                    voice instruct them to stand back.  The door opened 
                                    and he threw in a tarp and a worn-out quilt.  
                                    "Supposed to get cold tonight.  That's the best I 
                                    could come up with.  I'll try to have somethin' hot 
                                    for you to drink in the morning,"
                                    "Thank you," Scully voiced.
                                    "You're welcome.  How's that partner of yours doin'?"
                                    "Not very well I'm afraid.  He needs to be 
                                    "What's the matter with him anyway?"
                                    "I'm not sure."
                                    "He's not catchin' is he?"
                                    "I don't think so," Scully answered, surprised that 
                                    he was taking an interest in Mulder at all.
                                    "Well, if those college boys work extra hard tomorrow 
                                    we'll probably be out of here by nightfall.  We'll 
                                    call the sheriff to come and get you then," he 
                                    "I'm not sure my partner can wait that long."
                                    "Looks like he'll have to."  With that Wayne pulled 
                                    the door shut and locked it.
                                    Tyler retrieved the quilt and tarp.  "Which would you 
                                    prefer, Agent Scully?"
                                    "We'll take the quilt.  You and Zach can have the 
                                    tarp.  It's larger."
                                    Tyler helped the petite agent spread the quilt over 
                                    her prone partner and herself.  The movement woke the 
                                    sleeping man.  "What time is it?"
                                    "Time for you to drink some more water," Scully 
                                    "You're not going to give up are you?"
                                    "Nope.  Even if you can't keep it down perhaps your 
                                    body will have a chance to absorb some of it."
                                    "Let's get it over with it then," he sighed, trying 
                                    to sit up.
                                    Tyler helped him into a sitting position while Scully 
                                    got the water ready.  She handed it to Mulder who 
                                    took a long sip and then another.
                                    "Gotta lay down again."  His face was white as a 
                                    sheet and his voice very shaky.
                                    Tyler assisted him again as Scully rummaged around in 
                                    her first-aid kit.  "I'm going to give you another 
                                    injection for nausea and I'd like to include 
                                    something for pain if you'd let me."
                                    Yeah, okay.  My stomach is hurting more than it did 
                                    earlier," Mulder gritted out.
                                    "All right.  Just hang in there for a minute."
                                    Tyler grabbed the flashlight and angled it so that 
                                    Scully could see.  She prepared and administered the 
                                    injection without any reaction whatsoever from 
                                    "I'd like to take your temperature.  Can you hold the 
                                    thermometer under your tongue?"
                                    "I think so."
                                    "Okay, open up."
                                    In a short time they heard the familiar beep.  Scully 
                                    removed the digital thermometer from her partner's 
                                    "102.4, Mulder"
                                    "I've had worse," he reminded her.
                                    "I know, but I just hate to see you so 
                                    "I'm okay."
                                    "Yeah, sure."
                                    "I'll be okay as soon as I throw up again," he 
                                    corrected as he tried to sit up.
                                    Tyler came to Mulder's rescue, helping him to sit up 
                                    and supporting him until the heaving stopped and he 
                                    collapsed.  The sick agent felt himself being moved 
                                    backward and soon felt Scully's arms around him 
                                    again.  "Sorry," he apologized.
                                    "For what?"
                                    "Getting sick."
                                    "That's not something you can control," she pointed 
                                    "Should have told you before we ever left D.C."
                                    "It's okay.  Just rest."
                                    "Can't.  Stomach hurts too much."
                                    "Give the injection some time to work.  I can give 
                                    you a little more if I have to."
                                    "Um, okay.  Cold," he shivered violently.
                                    "Let's get you covered up again."
                                    "Don't want to be a cover hog."
                                    "You're not.  Your body heat is keeping me very warm 
                                    right now," Scully explained.
                                    "Wow, I finally make you hot and I'm too damned sick 
                                    to do anything about it," he grinned.
                                    "Mulderrr," she laughed, punching him playfully on 
                                    the arm.
                                    "Ow!  You like it rough too?"
                                    "You're incorrigible."
                                    Tyler laughed at their banter.  "You two must be good 
                                    "Yes, we are," Scully confirmed.  "We've been 
                                    "Yeah, we're like an old married couple," Mulder 
                                    "An old married couple, Mulder?" she questioned 
                                    cocking her eyebrow.
                                    "Yes, and I think the honeymoon is definitely over," 
                                    he quipped, observing the look on her face.
                                    "Don't pay any attention to him.  I think he may be 
                                    delirious," Scully cautioned.
                                    "Scully, you wound me.  Oh!"
                                    "What's wrong, Mulder?"
                                    "Stomach . . .hurts!"
                                    "Is it worse?"
                                    He nodded yes, in too much pain to get the words out.
                                    "I'm going to give you a little more pain medication.  
                                    Tyler, could you hold the flashlight for me?"
                                    "Sure, Agent Scully."  He found the light and flipped 
                                    the switch.  In his haste to direct the beam where 
                                    Scully needed it, he dropped it, startling Mulder as 
                                    it shone directly in his eyes.
                                    Scully's heat skipped a beat when she saw his eyes.  
                                    "Tyler, hand me the flashlight."
                                    "I'm sorry Agent Scully, I . . ."
                                    "It's all right, Tyler.  I need to look at Mulder's 
                                    "What's wrong with my eyes?" Mulder asked, trying to 
                                    get away from the light.
                                    "His eyes are yellow!" Zach exclaimed
                                    "Yellow?  Scully?  Why are my eyes yellow?"  Fear was 
                                    evident in his shaky voice.
                                    "It's okay, Mulder."
                                    "How can it be okay?  My eyes aren't supposed to be 
                                    yellow," he gasped.
                                    "It's just another piece of the puzzle falling into 
                                    place, that's all.  It's just another clue to help 
                                    diagnose your condition," Scully explained.
                                    "Will it go away?"
                                    "Yes, when you get treatment they'll return to their 
                                    normal color."  She passed the flashlight back to 
                                    Tyler.  "Now, let's get that extra pain medication 
                                    into you."
                                    After she administered the injection she pulled 
                                    Mulder close again.  "What's wrong with me, Scully?" 
                                    he asked, his voice barely a whisper.
                                    "It could be several things.  Some of the things that 
                                    come to mind are pancreatitis, or the bile duct 
                                    leading into your liver could be blocked, or maybe 
                                    hepatitis.  I can't be totally sure just yet."
                                    "Is that serious?"
                                    "Yes, it could be, but don't worry.  We'll get you 
                                    out of here tomorrow night and get you to the 
                                    hospital.  You'll be fine."
                                    "Until then?" he questioned, dreading the answer.
                                    "Until then I'm afraid you won't feel any better, in 
                                    fact you might feel worse.  I'll try to keep you as 
                                    comfortable as I possibly can."
                                    "Thanks, Scully.  Feelin' really tired."  
                                    "Just rest, Mulder."  She adjusted the quilt over him 
                                    and sat back, fingering the necklace she wore without 
                                    fail, and began to pray.