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Title:  A Night To Remember
                                    Author:  Waddles 52
                                    Summary:  Mulder's big plans for Valentine's Day have 
                                    to be changed after a car accident lands him in the 
                                    hospital in California.
                                    Rating:  PG 13
                                    Category:  MT, MSR
                                    Disclaimer:  As if you didn't know by now.  Just for 
                                    fun.  Not for profit.
                                    Archives:  Written for VS10, Valentine's special.  
                                    After two weeks it can go just about anywhere as long 
                                    as you let me know.
                                    Acknowledgements:  As always to Vickie, who got me 
                                    started on this fun journey, and to Lisa for 
                                    listening to me rant and rave about life in general.
                                    Feedback:  I would love to hear from you at 
                                    "Have you got everything packed and ready to go?" 
                                    Mulder asked rather impatiently.  "I don't want to 
                                    miss our flight."
                                    "I'm just double-checking to be sure we have 
                                    everything," Scully answered, turning in a circle to 
                                    survey the motel room.  
                                    "Okay.  I'm going to take the bags down to the 
                                    "We've got plenty of time, Mulder.  Calm down!" 
                                    Scully laughed, used to seeing a much more laid-back 
                                    It was February 13th and they had been working a case 
                                    in California for the past two weeks.  They were both 
                                    relieved that the case had wound up that morning 
                                    because they had big plans for Valentine's Day.
                                    Mulder was being very secretive about the plans he'd 
                                    made, but Scully was sure it would be a night to 
                                    remember.  With a last look around the room she 
                                    locked the door and headed for the car.
                                    Thirty minutes later they were sitting in bumper-to-
                                    bumper traffic.  Mulder tapped the steering wheel and 
                                    kept looking at his watch, all the while cursing 
                                    under his breath.
                                    "Mulder, if you don't relax you're going to have a 
                                    stroke," Scully chided him.
                                    "I just want to get home," he sighed.  "I have quite 
                                    a few things to do before tomorrow night."
                                    "We'll get there.  Look, the traffic is starting to 
                                    move," Scully pointed out.
                                    "Hallelujah!" he exclaimed as he stepped on the gas 
                                    The traffic jam seemed to disappear and the car was 
                                    soon traveling slightly above the speed limit.
                                    "I would sure like to know what has gotten you so 
                                    uptight about tomorrow night," Scully stated as they 
                                    continued to move at a steady pace.
                                    "It's a surprise, Scully, but trust me, you're going 
                                    to love it."
                                    "Maybe I should be very afraid."
                                    Mulder's expression changed to one of disappointment.
                                    "Mulder, I'm just teasing you.  All of your surprises 
                                    lately have been very nice," she purred, laying her 
                                    head on his shoulder.
                                    "Let me assure you.  This is going to be over the 
                                    top," he grinned.
                                    "You're sure you won't give me a hint?"
                                    "You're mean," she giggled, punching him on the 
                                    "Take it easy!  You know how easily I bruise."
                                    "Mulder, look out!" Scully screamed.
                                    Mulder's attention was drawn to a tractor-trailer 
                                    that had jack knifed in the curve ahead.  In the span 
                                    of just a few seconds they found themselves in the 
                                    middle of a massive pile-up.
                                    "Shit!" he exclaimed before darkness claimed him.
                                    "Mulder, wake up!" Scully pleaded.  The cars had 
                                    stopped their demolition derby maneuvers and all was 
                                    "What?  Scully, you okay?"
                                    "Some bumps and bruises, but I think I'm okay.  What 
                                    about you?  You took a pretty hard hit on your side."
                                    "Where, Mulder?  What hurts?" she asked as she 
                                    unbuckled her seat belt and tried to move closer to 
                                    "Everything.  Left side.  You okay?"
                                    "I'm all right.  Don't try to move, okay?"
                                    "Hurts too much to move.  Scully, you okay?  What 
                                    Scully sighed as she tried to open her door.  At the 
                                    very least he had a concussion.  They wouldn't be 
                                    leaving today for sure.  She pushed the door open and 
                                    made her way over to Mulder's side.
                                    She observed cars all around them, at odd angles and 
                                    in various states of destruction.  A few people were 
                                    beginning to survey the damage and check on others.  
                                    With a little help from the man in the car behind 
                                    them, Scully was able to get the driver's side door 
                                    open.  She knelt beside Mulder to check his injuries.  
                                    She looked him over and moaned, "Oh, Mulder."
                                    Mulder was on a bumper car ride at the carnival.  
                                    Scully was sitting next to him as the car came to a 
                                    shuddering halt.  He looked over and realized she was 
                                    gone.  "Scully?"
                                    "I'm here, Mulder," he heard her answer to his right.
                                    He slowly pried his eyes open to find that he was in 
                                    a hospital bed instead of the ride.
                                    "Where?  What happened?"
                                    "We managed to wind up in the middle of a 17 car 
                                    pile-up.  How are you feeling?" Scully asked, 
                                    dreading the answer.
                                    "Left side hurts.  You okay?"
                                    "I'm a little banged up, but it's not too bad.  You 
                                    managed to get the worst of it."
                                    "Gotta get up and catch our flight," Mulder 
                                    announced, making a move to sit up.  Instead he was 
                                    overwhelmed by waves of pain and nausea as he quickly 
                                    sank back into the pillows.
                                    "Mulder, take it easy.  You'll be doing well if 
                                    you're out of here by my birthday."
                                    "No, we have to be home by tomorrow," he insisted.
                                    "I don't think so.  Mulder, your left side is a mess. 
                                    Your shoulder, knee and hip were dislocated.  You're 
                                    probably going to need surgery on that knee, by the 
                                    way.  You also have three broken ribs, a left tib-fib 
                                    fracture and a mild concussion.  You're not going 
                                    "Maybe tomorrow?"
                                    "Absolutely not."
                                    "Damn, Scully.  My surprise."
                                    "Your surprise can be rescheduled.  You need to stop 
                                    worrying about that and let yourself heal."  Scully 
                                    took his right hand in hers.  "You really gave me a 
                                    "I don't really remember much about it.  Are you sure 
                                    you're all right?"
                                    "Yes, Mulder.  I've been checked out and they didn't 
                                    find anything more than a few scrapes and bruises.  
                                    You got most of the impact."
                                    "Feels like it.  Hurts."
                                    "I know.  After the doctors check your orientation 
                                    and responses they will probably let you have a 
                                    pretty strong pain killer."
                                    "Hope so.  Why don't you leave?  You've got to be 
                                    tired.  You look like you could use some rest."
                                    "I'll find a motel in a bit.  I want to stay with you 
                                    a while longer.  Don't worry about me.  Just close 
                                    your eyes and try to sleep."
                                    Mulder finally convinced Scully to leave shortly 
                                    before midnight.  The doctor had been in and decided 
                                    that he was sufficiently oriented to receive narcotic 
                                    painkillers.  A hefty dose was administered and 
                                    Mulder slept for several hours.
                                    The pain woke him with a vengeance.  "Damn, why do 
                                    things always get so screwed up?" he thought.  He had 
                                    made reservations at an exclusive restaurant with the 
                                    finest cuisine, service to match and strolling 
                                    musicians to add to the romantic atmosphere.  He was 
                                    sure Scully would have loved it.  After that he had 
                                    planned to drive to one of the most popular bed and 
                                    breakfasts in Maryland.  To keep the romantic theme 
                                    going, he had reserved the honeymoon suite.  Skinner 
                                    had even given them a few extra days off.
                                    "Damn it!  When will we ever catch a break?" he 
                                    sobbed.  He tried to stop them, but the combination 
                                    of pain and frustration won out and the tears 
                                    continued to fall.
                                    A nurse came in to check his vitals and IV.  He 
                                    tried to brush the tears away but the nurse was very 
                                    observant and also very concerned.  "Mr. Mulder, are 
                                    you having a lot of pain right now?  I can get you 
                                    something for that."
                                    "I'm okay," Mulder answered, rather shakily.
                                    "You don't look okay to me.  What's going on?"
                                    Normally Mulder would have ignored her, but for some 
                                    reason he started to tell her about Scully and his 
                                    big plans that had been wrecked as surely as the car.
                                    Patti Sims pulled up a chair and listened to her 
                                    patient pour his heart out.
                                    Early Valentine's morning, Scully entered Mulder's 
                                    room expecting to see him in the same agitated 
                                    condition as the night before.  Instead he was 
                                    sleeping peacefully, and was that a smile on his 
                                    Mulder was in considerable pain throughout the day 
                                    and took the painkillers willingly.  Whenever he was 
                                    awake his mood was very upbeat and he smiled a lot.  
                                    In fact, everyone on the staff seemed to be smiling a 
                                    lot.  "Must be Valentine's happiness," she sighed.
                                    Though she was puzzled by Mulder's mood shift, she 
                                    decided to embrace it.  He was due for some more pain 
                                    medication around six and she thought that would be a 
                                    perfect time to get something to eat.  To her 
                                    surprise, Mulder refused his medication and his 
                                    dinner, not that he would have been able to eat much 
                                    "Mulder, you need to try to eat a little something," 
                                    she coaxed.  "And you know you'll be in agony without 
                                    your pain meds.  What gives?"
                                    "I don't like feeling so groggy and as far as 
                                    hospital food goes . . ." he left his comment in the 
                                    A young nurse came in and checked Mulder's IV.
                                    "Scully, this is Patti Sims.  She's my night nurse 
                                    and she put up with my crappy mood last night."
                                    "You have my sympathy," Scully responded.
                                    "Oh, he's not that bad," Patti replied.
                                    An aide entered, carrying a dozen long-stemmed roses.  
                                    "Dana Scully?" she inquired.
                                    "That's me," Scully answered.
                                    "I have a delivery for you."
                                    Scully accepted them with a look of surprise on her 
                                    face.  "Mom must have sent these," she thought as she 
                                    opened the card.  She was shocked when she saw that 
                                    they were from Mulder.  "Mulder, how?"
                                    Before she could get an answer to her question, 
                                    another aide pushed a cart into the room.  It was 
                                    covered with a white cloth but Scully could tell that 
                                    it was food.  A wonderful aroma filled the room.
                                    "Mulder, what have you been up to and when?  I've 
                                    been with you all day."
                                    Again, before her question could be answered a young 
                                    man wearing a tux entered the room.  He was carrying 
                                    a guitar.
                                    "Miss Scully," Patti began, "Mulder was so upset that 
                                    you had to miss out on your Valentine's plans that we 
                                    decided to help him out."  She pulled the cover from 
                                    the cart, revealing a feast of surf and turf.
                                    "I know it's not Antonio's," Mulder explained, "But 
                                    Patti assured me that Fredrico's would come in a 
                                    close second."
                                    "You planned to take me to Antonio's?" Scully asked, 
                                    her face reflecting her astonishment.
                                    "I had the reservations for three months."
                                    The guitarist began to play softly.
                                    "I'd planned on a violinist, but I think this will 
                                    do," Mulder smiled.  "Dave comes highly recommended."
                                    "He's my husband," Patti supplied.
                                    "Go on and eat before it gets cold," Mulder 
                                    Scully walked over to survey the cart loaded with 
                                    salads, shrimp cocktail, lobster, steak and assorted 
                                    vegetables and desserts.
                                    "This is amazing, Mulder."
                                    "Patti and the others really stepped up and pulled 
                                    this together."
                                    "Thank you," Scully offered.  "I don't know what to 
                                    say.  I'm really overwhelmed."
                                    "Why don't you fix that man of yours a plate?" Patti 
                                    suggested as she brought some battery-operated 
                                    candles from under the cart and placed them around 
                                    the room.  After she placed the last candle she 
                                    strode to the door.  "Miss Scully, you have a very 
                                    special man here."
                                    "I agree.  Thank you for helping Mulder with the 
                                    arrangements.  This will be a night I will always 
                                    remember."  She brought a plate to Mulder and kissed 
                                    him softly on the lips.
                                    "Oh, I have one more thing for you."  Patti pulled a 
                                    card from her pocket and handed it to Scully as Dave 
                                    finished one song and began to play another.  "Take 
                                    good care of him," she smiled as Scully opened the 
                                    card.  Patti and the aide left the room while Dave 
                                    continued to play in the background.
                                    Scully offered Mulder a bite of the shrimp cocktail.
                                    "Sorry babe.  I don't think I can handle that right 
                                    now.  I might try a little of the baked potato after 
                                    you read the card."
                                    "Okay," she agreed, putting the plate down.  She 
                                    opened the card and brushed a tear aside as she read 
                                    it.  "The Beaufort Inn?  Mulder, you really had this 
                                    planned out didn't you?"
                                    "Only the best for my Scully.  We'll just have to 
                                    arrange another trip, maybe the Bahamas or Jamaica?"
                                    "Mulder, I love you," she smiled and hugged him very 
                                    gently.  "And I'm not just saying it because you went 
                                    to all this trouble and expense."
                                    "I know that, Scully.  You put up with so much shit 
                                    from me that I just wanted to show you how special 
                                    you are, and like always my plans got screwed up."
                                    "It wasn't your fault you know, and the fact that you 
                                    were able to pull all of this off from a hospital bed 
                                    makes it even more memorable."  She gave him another 
                                    Mulder shifted a bit so he could deepen the kiss.  
                                    Despite his efforts to conceal it, a cry of pain 
                                    "Mulder, that's enough.  You've got to have some pain 
                                    "I don't want to be groggy.  I want to spend this 
                                    time with you."
                                    "And I won't enjoy myself if you're in agony," she 
                                    "How about a compromise? Half a dose?" Mulder 
                                    "No, you need the full effect of the medication."
                                    "That's my final offer, Scully.  Half or none at 
                                    "All right, Mulder," Scully decided.  "This is 
                                    against my better judgment, but I'll go along with it 
                                    for an hour, then you get the rest."
                                    Mulder could tell by the set of her jaw that she 
                                    meant it, so he agreed.
                                    After the medication was administered, Dave played 
                                    while Scully ate and fed Mulder a few bites of the 
                                    baked potato.  When she offered him another bite he 
                                    held his hand up.  "No more.  I'm sorry, but I'm just 
                                    not hungry," he sighed.
                                    "I figured as much.  Whenever you're better we're 
                                    going to Antonio's, my treat."
                                    Mulder started to protest.
                                    "No, Mulder.  This works both ways.  Can't a woman do 
                                    something for the man she loves?"
                                    "You do, Scully.  Every time I'm in the same room 
                                    with you and I breathe the air that you breathe, 
                                    you're granting me a great privilege."
                                    Dave sensed that he was no longer needed so he took 
                                    his guitar and quietly left.  Neither Mulder nor 
                                    Scully noticed.
                                    "Mulder, you're getting really sappy," Scully 
                                    giggled, "But I like it."
                                    "I just can't help it when I'm around you," he 
                                    smiled, then winced.
                                    "Mulder, that's it.  I'm calling for the other half 
                                    of your pain medication now," she decided, reaching 
                                    for the call button.
                                    "This time you'll get no argument from me.  I'm sorry 
                                    to be a party-pooper, but I don't think I can hold 
                                    out much longer."
                                    Patti came in with the 'magic needle' and deposited 
                                    the rest of Mulder's pain meds into his IV.  "The 
                                    muscle relaxant that the doctor ordered is in this 
                                    too, so give her a quick kiss before you sail away."
                                    "That fast, huh?" he questioned.
                                    "Yep."  She deposited the hypodermic in the sharps 
                                    container and left.
                                    "Stay awhile?" he asked Scully.
                                    "Wild horses couldn't drag me out of here," Scully 
                                    assured him.
                                    "Lay with me?" Mulder asked, already feeling the 
                                    effects of the combined medications.
                                    "Until they make me leave."  She slipped out of her 
                                    shoes and lowered the rail.  Mulder was asleep by the 
                                    time she carefully arranged herself beside him.  She 
                                    put her arm across him, careful to avoid his injuries 
                                    and the various lines and monitors.
                                    "Dana Scully, you are one lucky woman," she thought 
                                    as she snuggled into him as much as she could.  A 
                                    special Valentine's surprise despite his painful 
                                    injuries and his love every day, every minute.  Yes, 
                                    this truly was a night to remember.  She whispered in 
                                    his ear.  "Sleep well, Mulder.  I love you."
                                    A few minutes latter Patti looked in the door to 
                                    observe her patient.  He and his love were sleeping 
                                    soundly.  She closed the door and smiled.  "That 
                                    worked out quite well."
                                    She picked up the next chart and started down the 
                                    hall, glad that she had been a participant in their 
                                    night to remember.