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Waddles 52 Fanfiction
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A Journey of many paths and emotions.

Welcome to the page where I will be hosting all my fanfiction.

 Drive by:Summary:  When Mulder is injured Scully must care for 
him.  Add a safe house, the attempted murderer still on the loose, and a chance to develop their  relationship.  Will romance blossom?


To Oz and Beyond:Summary:  Mother Nature seems to have it in for Mulder and Scully.Will they make it out of Kansas alive?


Chain Reaction:Summary:  A chain of mishaps makes Mulder wonder  if he is jinxed.


Good To Go:Summary:  Did you really think Mulder would stay out of the woods after he heard the ME's report?


Dictionary:Summary:  Mulder was on crutches at the end of Fallen  Angel.  Just a little look at how he coped with the injury in the first few days.


A  Night to Remember: Summary:  Mulder's big plans for Valentine's Day have to be changed after a car accident lands him in the  hospital in California.


Promise:Summary:  What happened after the rescue and Mulder's  declaration of love.


Spectacular Lights and Chilli Nights:Summary:  When Mulder becomes ill during a raging 
snowstorm, Scully is forced to perform emergency                            surgery and deal with another surprise along the way.


 Taking Advantage:Summary:  Kersh takes advantage of Mulder and Scully by sending them on a wild goose chase, while Mulder 
wishes Scully would take advantage of him.  Dangerous  climbs and forest fires add up to another typical  outdoor adventure for our two favorite agents.


 Tempers on Ice:Summary:  A different ending for Ice.


U-Turn:Summary:  When the mothman is seen again, Mulder and  Scully are sent back to continue their investigation.


Curveball: Summary:  Another bedside vigil for Scully as Mulder  recovers.


Halloween Memories: Summary:  Scully and Mulder hand out treats and share  Halloween memories.


Making a long story short:Summary:  Scully answers Mulder's questions about their trip to New Mexico


The Perfect Christmas:Summary:  While transporting a prisoner, Mulder and  Scully are forced to spend Christmas away  from home.


Sure,Fine,Whatever:Summary:  Mulder and Scully try to figure out what  happened in Comity.


For all is Vanity:Summary:  After his encounter with a gorilla, Mulder   suffers some consequences


Getting to know you :Summary:  Mulder and Scully get a chance to know each other better when Scully volunteers to look after him when he is released from the hospital following his  gunshot wound.

Monongahela:  Summary:  Mulder and Scully are in the woods again.  Can they make it through this assignment without disastrous consequences?

As luck would have it:Post-Ep for The Goldberg Variation.


Return to Oz:Summary:  Mulder and Scully return to Kansas to visit the friends they made when Mulder was injured by a  tornado.  Will Mother Nature cooperate this time around?


Agreeing to disagree:Summmary:  A look at what might have happened after  Mulder was rescued from the railroad car.

Dictionery(revised):Summary:  Mulder was on crutches at the end of Fallen Angel.  Just a little look at how he coped with the        injury in the first few days.


How to avoid a boring seminar without even trying :Summary:  Mulder has to deal with a migraine and a boring seminar.


The Domino Effect: Summary:  An expenses paid trip to Miami to help Skinner with a seminar doesn't turn out as planned.


Nightmare on Helm street :Summary:  An evening of Halloween fun doesn't go as  planned.


Full Moon Stakeout : Summary:  Another evening, another stakeout.


Blood on the Snow:Summary:  Mulder and Scully must spend Christmas at the office when all vacations are cancelled.


Cool Heat: Summary:  After a romantic weekend Mulder pays the 
consequences with hilarious results.


Fleeing the Great Bear:Summary:  We didn't get to see how Mulder managed to escape and make his way back to civilization.  This fic is my take on that.


Mother Nature Rock&Roll:Summary:  Written for the MR  "Act of God" challenge for April, 2004.


King of Pain:Summary:  Mulder suffers the consequences during Scully's annual spring-cleaning spree.


All The King's Horses:Summary:  Mulder has a really rotten day with a  series of minor but embarrassing injuries.  NEW


Fruit, Friendship and W.C. Fields NEW

Summary:  Mulder's tardiness for an appointment, a PR
assignment, and a grieving teacher all come together
to put Mulder and Scully in jeopardy.
Rating:  PG 13

The Sky People. NEW

Summary:  A search for missing students in the Daniel
Boone National Forest has UFO overtones.  A new truth
is revealed as the agents struggle to make it out

Not My Usual Job description NEW

Summary:  When both Mulder and Scully are injured
while away on an assignment, Skinner comes to town to
lend a helping hand

Puppy Love

Summary:  Running an errand for Skinner turns deadly when the agents are ambushed.  Injured and stranded in the woods, will they find help in time?

Rating:  PG 13


Annual Partnership In-Service or How to Communicate With Your Partner or Die Trying .

Summary:  Communication problems arise when Mulder schedules their annual in-service. 


More titles coming very soon.