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                                    Date: 18 May 2002 12:48:21 -0000
                                    Subject: Sure, Fine, Whatever by Waddles 52
                                    Source: direct
                                    Reply To:
                                    Title:  Sure, Fine, Whatever
                                    Author:  Waddles52
                                    Summary:  Mulder and Scully try to figure out what 
                                    happened in Comity
                                    Spoilers:  Post-ep for Syzygy
                                    Rating:  PG
                                    Disclaimer:  No copyright infringement intended
                                    Archives:  After_The_Fact, others please ask
                                    Feedback:  Sure.
                                    As they left Comity, "the Perfect Harmony City"  Mulder began to give
                                    Scully directions, which she ignored.  Both were still seething over
                                    the events of their last case.
                                    "Scully!  You're gonna wanna . . .!"
                                    Scully ignored him again and went straight through the intersection.
                                    "You just . . . ran a stop sign back there, Scully,"  Mulder pointed
                                    "Shut up, Mulder."
                                    "Sure, fine, whatever."
                                    Mulder settled back in his seat.  Now was not the time to make
                                    conversation.  They needed to put some miles between themselves and
                                    Comity.  Just what the hell had happened back there?  He thought back
                                    to Zirinka's explanation.  "A Jupiter-Uranus opposition, forming
                                    what's called a grand square, where all of the planets align into a
                                    cross . . . A cosmic G-spot . . . if you were born in 1979 all the
                                    energy of the cosmos would be focused on you."
                                    "Margi and Terri had sure set the town on its ear all right," Mulder
                                    thought.  "Didn't do a lot for Scully and me either."  He sighed
                                    heavily and ventured a look at this partner.  She stared daggers back
                                    at him.  Hopefully they'd soon be far enough away that they might
                                    start to feel more like themselves.
                                    Scully continued to drive, trying to put the events of the past 24
                                    hours out of her mind, but it was hard.  What was she thinking?  Dana
                                    Scully smoking?  And Mulder?  What in the world got into him?  
                                    Drinking and putting the moves on Detective White, or was Detective
                                    White putting the moves on him?  After all, she was on top when she
                                    found them.
                                    "Just stop it, Dana," she thought.  "Let's just get as far away from
                                    here as we can.  Maybe we can still salvage this partnership, but
                                    we'll have to talk about it later when I'm not so pissed."
                                    "Uh, Scully?"  Mulder broke into her thoughts.
                                    "What, Mulder?" she snapped.  Wow, she hadn't meant to do that, but
                                    she just couldn't seem to stop herself.
                                    "Could you pull over for a minute?  I've uh . . . got to stretch my
                                    legs," he answered hurriedly.
                                    "Sure, fine, whatever," she muttered as she pulled to the side of the
                                    Mulder was out of the door in a flash, walking over to some bushes.  
                                    Scully saw him bend over and realized that he was vomiting all over
                                    the bushes.
                                    "Could this day possibly get any better?" she groused as she got out
                                    of the car to see if she could help.
                                    Mulder had sat down weakly by the time she reached him.  "I'm okay,
                                    Scully," he moaned
                                    "If puking your guts out by the side of the road is okay, I guess you
                                    qualify.  Come on, Mulder.  What's wrong?"
                                    "Are you sure you care?"
                                    Scully sat beside him.  "Yes, Mulder.  I actually do care."
                                    "You could have fooled me," he said weakly as he began to heave again.
                                    Scully moved closer and massaged his back until the heaving stopped.
                                    When Mulder caught his breath he began to explain.  "I was drinking
                                    vodka and frozen orange juice back at the motel.  You know I'm not
                                    much of a drinker, and I guess that was a lethal combination."
                                    "Between that and Detective White you had quite a combination," Scully
                                    "Scully, she came on to me.  I swear, she had me on my back and
                                    straddled me before I knew what hit me.  If you hadn't come in when
                                    you did, she probably would have raped me!" he exclaimed.
                                    "I didn't see you fighting her off," Scully pointed out.
                                    "I was in shock."
                                    "Sure, fine, whatever," she said, a hint of a smile beginning to form.  
                                    She paused for a moment, then began her own confession.  "You know,
                                    Mulder.  I wasn't quite myself back in Comity, either."
                                    "Oh, really?" he asked, his voice dripping with sarcasm.
                                    "Mulder . . ." she warned.
                                    "All right," he gave in.  "What was so unusual about the way you were
                                    "While you were drinking vodka and orange juice, I was next door
                                    "Scully, you're kidding!"
                                    "No, it seems we've both been a little out of character," she
                                    "A little?"
                                    "Well, maybe a lot," she laughed.  "What the hell happened back in
                                    Comity, Mulder?"
                                    "I don't know, Scully," Mulder admitted.  "If you believe the "Great
                                    Madam Zirinka", we were part of some great cosmic event.  If you don't
                                    buy that, maybe we were just a little sick and tired of each other."
                                    "Maybe a little of both?" Scully ventured
                                    "At this point it seems as reasonable as any other explanation," he
                                    sighed.  "Could you help me up?  I'm still a little shaky."
                                    Scully held her hand out and Mulder grabbed it.  Soon he was on his
                                    feet, a little wobbly, but definitely better.
                                    "Are we okay now, Scully?" he asked tentatively.
                                    "I'd say we're getting there, Mulder.  How's your stomach?"
                                    "Empty and much better."
                                    "Good.  Let's get going.  I want to get as far from Comity as we
                                    possibly can."
                                    "I'm in total agreement."
                                    "I'm still going to drive, though," Scully stated.
                                    "Sure, fine, whatever," Mulder grinned and followed her to the car.