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Nightmare on Helm street
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Title:  Nightmare on Helm Street
                                    Author:  Waddles 52
                                    Summary:  An evening of Halloween fun doesn't go as 
                                    Rating:  PG13
                                    Category:  MT
                                    Disclaimer:  No copyright infringement intended. Just 
                                    for fun.  Not for profit.
                                    Archives:  Two weeks exclusively for the VS11 
                                    Halloween Special, after that please ask.
                                    Feedback:  Sure.
                                    Thanks:  To Satchie for her skillful beta and 
                                    "Well, we managed to get another expense report in 
                                    under the wire," Dana Scully announced as she breezed 
                                    into the basement office she shared with her partner.
                                    Fox Mulder looked up and continued to read the 
                                    pamphlet in his hands. 
                                    Leaning over his back, she read aloud, "Industrial 
                                    Nightmare.  The mother of all haunted houses.  
                                    Guaranteed to make your worst fears a reality.  Open 
                                    October 3rd through November 2nd, 7-12 PM.  Come if 
                                    you dare."
                                    Scully couldn't help laughing. "Why are you so 
                                    interested in this?  Is the haunted house actually 
                                    "Not that I'm aware of.  The guys went the other 
                                    night and said it was awesome."
                                    "Now, that scares me.  Are you going to go?"
                                    "Yeah, I'm considering it.  What exciting plans do 
                                    you have for this Halloween evening?"  
                                    "Just the usual Halloween stuff.  Hand out candy to 
                                    the three or four kids that knock on my door, then 
                                    eat the rest of it myself."
                                    "Wanna check out the haunted house with me?"  
                                    Scully thought it over for a few seconds.  "Why not? 
                                    Besides, you'll need someone to hold your hand when 
                                    you get scared."
                                    "Yeah, right.  It'll probably be the other way 
                                    around," Mulder teased.
                                    "Oh yeah?  Put your money where your mouth is," she 
                                    challenged.  "The first one who screams buys dinner."
                                    Mulder stood up and looked down at his petite 
                                    partner.  "Bring plenty of money because I'm 
                                    "So am I and I want to eat in a nice restaurant.   No 
                                    take-out, so be sure to stop by an ATM on the way 
                                    home," Scully countered.
                                    Mulder grabbed his suit coat from behind his chair 
                                    and shrugged into it.  "I'm sure I'll be picking out 
                                    the restaurant, but I need some money for the weekend 
                                    anyway, so I'll hit an ATM just to make you happy."
                                    "So, what time should I be ready?"
                                    "How about seven o'clock?"
                                    "I'll be ready and waiting," she agreed.
                                    "And I'll be there along with my appetite."
                                    Scully picked up her purse and briefcase and Mulder 
                                    locked the door.  They made their way to the 
                                    elevator, each anticipating a free meal.
                                    At 10 o'clock, Mulder pulled into the parking lot of 
                                    the Helm Street Shop and Go and parked in front of 
                                    the door.  "I'm going to get some aspirin before I 
                                    buy your dinner, under protest I might add.  My ass 
                                    really hurts."
                                    Scully tried very hard to keep her laughter under 
                                    control.  "Mulder, I'm really sorry the guy with the 
                                    chain saw jumped in front of you and made you loose 
                                    your balance, but you did scream."
                                    "No, you're not sorry. You just love it when you win 
                                    a bet."
                                    "Well, that too," she chuckled.
                                    Out of habit, Mulder surveyed the store before he 
                                    left the car.  It wasn't crowded, just the cashier 
                                    and a customer dressed like Freddy Krueger.  "Looks 
                                    like he escaped from the haunted house," he thought 
                                    as he opened the door and gingerly slid out of his 
                                    Scully had also observed the shopper in the popular 
                                    costume.  "Do you need me to protect you from big, 
                                    bad, Freddy?" she teased.
                                    Mulder leaned back in the door.  "Nah, I think I can 
                                    handle a guy in a crappy looking costume with plastic 
                                    blades on his hand."
                                    "Well, give a shout if you need any help."
                                    Mulder closed the door and limped inside.  So far, 
                                    the evening hadn't gone as planned, and he knew he 
                                    would hear about it for days to come.  To top it all 
                                    off he felt the beginnings of a headache behind his 
                                    eyes.  "Happy Halloween," he muttered under his 
                                    He found the aspirin quickly and took his place in 
                                    line behind Freddy Krueger, who was purchasing a 12 
                                    pack of beer and a carton of cigarettes.
                                    "I'm sorry, mister, but the law says I have to see 
                                    some ID before I can sell you this stuff," the 
                                    cashier explained.
                                    "I don't need no ID, 'cause you're gonna give it to 
                                    me, along with what's in that safe and the cash 
                                    "Shit, what's with this guy?  He doesn't even have a 
                                    weapon."  Mulder was tired and sore so he decided to 
                                    see how the cashier was going to handle the problem 
                                    before he stepped in.
                                    The cashier began edging toward the phone.  "Mister, 
                                    why don't you just leave and we'll forget this ever 
                                    happened.  If you don't, I'll have to call the law."
                                    "No cops!  Just do what I told you!"
                                    "Okay, this has gone far enough," Mulder interjected.  
                                    "I'm a federal agent.  Now, you can either do what 
                                    the cashier suggested, or I can hold you at gunpoint 
                                    and wait for the police to settle this."
                                    "No cops!" the Freddy look alike screamed as he 
                                    turned to face Mulder.
                                    Mulder automatically reached for his weapon.  In that 
                                    split-second, the costumed man stretched out his arm 
                                    and raked the blades across Mulder's chest and 
                                    stomach.  A look of surprise, then pain flashed 
                                    across his face.  As he looked down he saw the torn 
                                    fabric of his shirt, blood quickly turning it 
                                    crimson. His legs gave way and he landed hard on his 
                                    already bruised ass, then slumped over to rest on his 
                                    left side.  Mulder's last conscious thoughts were of 
                                    the haunted house.  Why did he wait in line for an 
                                    hour and pay to have a scary experience when he 
                                    seemed to encounter enough weirdness on his own?
                                    In the car, Scully had pulled the visor mirror down 
                                    to check her lipstick.  Deciding that she didn't need 
                                    a touch-up, she flipped the visor up just in time to 
                                    see the disguised man slash Mulder's chest and 
                                    "Son of a bitch!" she screamed, as she pushed her way 
                                    out of the car and drew her weapon in one fluid 
                                    The cashier quickly met the robber's demands as 
                                    Mulder lay bleeding on the floor.  In the meantime, 
                                    Scully positioned herself outside the exit, out of 
                                    the thief's line of vision.
                                    As the man burst through the door, Scully shouted, 
                                    "Federal agent!  Put your hands on your head!"
                                    The Freddy look alike waggled his bladed fingers and 
                                    took a step toward her.
                                    "Don't come any closer," she ordered.  "I will 
                                    The robber ignored her and continued to advance, 
                                    slashing at her. Knowing she had no other choice, 
                                    Scully fired her weapon and watched as the man 
                                    dropped to the pavement.  Blood began to trickle from 
                                    the neat hole in his forehead above his right eye.
                                    Scully knelt beside him and extended a shaking hand 
                                    to his neck.  Feeling no pulse, she leapt up and 
                                    pushed the door open.  "Call 911!  Get an ambulance 
                                    here on the double!"
                                    Before the cashier could punch in the numbers, she 
                                    was beside Mulder, checking his pulse.  Although very 
                                    fast, it was there.  She breathed a sigh of relief 
                                    and began to survey the damage from the blades.
                                    Mulder's ribs had protected his chest to a certain 
                                    extent, but those three, long slashes would require 
                                    sutures even though Scully was sure that there wasn't 
                                    any major damage.  The two cuts across his upper 
                                    abdomen were another matter.  They were quite deep 
                                    and would probably require surgery.
                                    "Help is on the way," the cashier reported, handing 
                                    her a first-aid kit.  "What can I do to help?"
                                    Scully opened the first-aid kit and found a few gauze 
                                    pads and some antibiotic ointment.  "Useless! Get me 
                                    a package of maxi-pads, super if you have them." 
                                    "I'm on it!" he exclaimed, running to the back of the 
                                    Scully looked around and spied a stand holding free 
                                    publications.  She quickly dumped the newspapers out, 
                                    and after turning Mulder onto his back, put the stand 
                                    under his feet to elevate them.
                                    The movement elicited a moan from her partner.  His 
                                    eyelids fluttered, then opened, just as Scully was 
                                    tearing open the package of maxi-pads that the 
                                    cashier had just handed her.
                                    "They're absorbent so they make good bandages," she 
                                    explained, anticipating his question.  "I have to put 
                                    some pressure on those gashes.  It might hurt a 
                                    "Okay," he agreed, then moaned loudly as she pressed 
                                    them firmly on the wounds.
                                    "Sorry, but I need to slow the bleeding down.
                                    You'll do anything to get out of paying up on your 
                                    bets won't you?" she teased, hoping to keep his mind 
                                    off the pain.
                                    "No, I'll pay up," he gasped as she applied more 
                                    pressure to his wounds.  "You pick the restaurant.  
                                    Anywhere you want."
                                    Scully reached for more pads to replace the ones that 
                                    had soaked through.  "I intend to pick a very 
                                    expensive place, one with plates and silverware 
                                    instead of wrappers and paper cups."
                                    "Okay, as long as knives aren't required."
                                    "Well, I'll think it over and let you know later." 
                                    Scully breathed a sigh of relief as the ambulance and 
                                    police arrived simultaneously.
                                    "Dinner, dancing    . . ." Mulder's voice trailed off 
                                    as his eyes closed, oblivious to the bustle around 
                                    him as the paramedics moved in and took over.
                                    Mulder's eyes didn't open again until the next day.  
                                    He recognized the sounds and smells of a hospital, 
                                    then remembered how he came to be there.  He took 
                                    stock of his situation as his eyes scanned the room.  
                                    Several bags of fluid were hanging from the IV pump, 
                                    and he observed wires running to a heart monitor.  He 
                                    was relieved to find that he wasn't intubated, but 
                                    was quickly dismayed when he swallowed and felt an NG 
                                    tube.  He guessed there was a Foley lurking under the 
                                    sheets, along with several other tubes that he wasn't 
                                    familiar with.
                                    "Yes, partner, you have quite a few tubes and wires 
                                    this time," Scully supplied when she noticed him 
                                    looking over the medical equipment.
                                    He turned to his left, happy to see her smiling face.  
                                    "How bad?" he croaked, wondering why she wasn't 
                                    giving him ice chips as she usually did when he 
                                    returned to consciousness.  He glanced at the bedside 
                                    table, hoping to find the plastic pitcher that was 
                                    usually standard equipment.
                                    "Sorry, Mulder.  Your stomach has to get a little 
                                    better before you can have anything to eat or drink.  
                                    You had surgery to repair the deepest lacerations, 
                                    but you should be able to return to your regular, 
                                    disgusting diet as soon as they've healed."
                                    "You okay?" he asked.
                                    "I'm fine.  I had to shoot him when he advanced on 
                                    me, but he didn't touch me."
                                    Mulder was relieved that she wasn't injured, but he 
                                    knew that she would agonize over killing the 
                                    assailant.  He reached for her hand and squeezed it 
                                    "So, how are you feeling?  Are you having much pain?"
                                    "Some," he answered as he tried to find a more 
                                    comfortable position.  
                                    Suddenly, he gasped and froze, his face contorted in 
                                    pain.  "Oh, shit!"
                                    "Mulder, what is it?" Scully asked, springing to her 
                                    feet in alarm.
                                    "Hurts!" he managed to answer through gritted teeth.
                                    Later that afternoon, Mulder was back in his room 
                                    after a series of exams, x-rays and consultations.  
                                    He was resting on his left side, wondering how he 
                                    always managed to get hurt without putting any effort 
                                    into it.  He sighed loudly, causing Scully to look up 
                                    from her magazine.  "Welcome back partner.  You kind 
                                    of gave me a scare."
                                    "What happened?"
                                    "After you passed out from the pain, the doctor 
                                    ordered a very thorough examination and various 
                                    scans.  The best we were able to figure, your tumble 
                                    at the haunted house and your subsequent fall when 
                                    you were slashed caused a fracture to your tailbone.  
                                    Since you were unconscious until this morning you 
                                    were unable to tell us that there was a problem."
                                    Mulder groaned.
                                    "I'm sorry.  You'll be pretty miserable until it 
                                    "I guess I'll live up to Skinner's pet name for me," 
                                    he deadpanned.  "A real pain in the ass."
                                    "Well, maybe this will help." Scully grinned as she 
                                    presented him with an inflatable ring.
                                    Mulder snorted in disgust. 
                                    "Since you'll be tied to your desk for a while, 
                                    you'll be able to work rings around everyone else."
                                    Mulder groaned again, more a reaction to the bad pun 
                                    than physical pain.
                                    "Next year, Mulder, why don't we just stay at home 
                                    and hand out a few pieces of candy?  I can fix some 
                                    cider, we can make popcorn balls and watch a scary 
                                    "You have a deal." He reached for her hand and gave 
                                    it a squeeze.  "As long as we don't watch 'Nightmare 
                                    On Elm Street'."
                                    Scully squeezed back and leaned over, pushing back 
                                    the lock of hair that always seemed to fall across 
                                    his fore head.  "But I haven't forgotten.  You still 
                                    owe me a dinner whenever you can sit comfortably."
                                    Mulder smiled and closed his eyes.  Even though he 
                                    lost the bet, he felt he had come out ahead with the 
                                    promise of Scully in his life for another year.  
                                    Sometimes losing was worth it.