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Title:  Full Moon Stakeout
                                    Author:  Waddles52
                                    Summary:  Another evening, another stakeout.
                                    Rating:  PG
                                    Spoilers:  None
                                    Category:  Mulder/Scully friendship.
                                    Disclaimer:  All characters featured in this story 
                                    belong to Chris Carter and 1013 Productions.  I am 
                                    merely borrowing them to write this contest fic.
                                    Archives:  Written for the MR fic contest.  Please 
                                    ask after the contest is over.
                                    Feedback:  Would be appreciated.  You can contact me 
                                    Thanks:  To Lisa for the beta.
                                    Mulder entered the car, a fast food bag held in his 
                                    teeth and a cardboard tray with two drinks in his 
                                    right hand.  He carefully closed the door with his 
                                    left hand.  Scully took the bag from his mouth while 
                                    he put the drinks in the cup holders.
                                    "A healthy sub sandwich for you, along with a diet 
                                    soft drink.  Jared would be proud," Mulder teased, 
                                    referring to the popular Subway commercial.
                                    "And I'm sure he would cringe in horror at your 
                                    selection. Beside your usual iced tea, what did you 
                                    "Just the six inch club with all of the trimmings," 
                                    he answered, starting to unwrap his bulging sandwich.
                                    "Do you realize how many fat grams that one sandwich 
                                    has, not to mention the cholesterol?"
                                    "No, I don't, but I'll bet it tastes a lot better 
                                    than yours."
                                    Scully threw her hands up in defeat.  "Well, you can 
                                    be glad that I keep up my CPR certification.  Maybe I 
                                    can keep you alive until the ambulance arrives."
                                    Mulder considered the notion of Scully's hands and 
                                    lips on his body.  It might be worth a cholesterol 
                                    overload to receive the kiss of life from her.  He 
                                    quickly put that thought aside.  They were on a stake 
                                    out after all, and his attention needed to be on the 
                                    "You saw the results of my last Bureau physical, 
                                    Scully.  Weight normal, BP normal, cholesterol 
                                    normal, body-fat .  . ."
                                    "I know, I know, Mulder.  Everything was disgustingly 
                                    normal," she sighed, settling back to unwrap her 
                                    "Nuff said," he gloated as he took a big bite of his 
                                    sub, mayonnaise squirting out around the sides.  
                                    "Mmm, this is so good," he grinned around another 
                                    "Mulder, you're something else," she laughed, as she 
                                    handed him a napkin.
                                    He wiped his mouth.  "Thanks.  Anything happen while 
                                    I was gone?"
                                    She rolled her eyes heavenward in reply.
                                    "That's what I thought.  Another boring stakeout."
                                    "Yep, another one to add to our growing collection," 
                                    Scully agreed.
                                    "You've got that so right.  I could be home, watching 
                                    the Super Bowl, but no, we have to keep an eye on 
                                    this guy while he's inside watching the Super Bowl," 
                                    Mulder griped.
                                    "Well, the next time you accuse a prominent political 
                                    figure of being a werewolf, think of this boring 
                                    evening," she suggested.  "I'm missing a Super Bowl 
                                    party myself."
                                    "I didn't think you liked football, Scully."
                                    "I don't, but I do enjoy an occasional get-together 
                                    with my friends."
                                    "I'm sorry I dragged you down with me."
                                    Scully opened her mouth to reply, but was distracted 
                                    by a group of middle-school aged boys across the 
                                    street.  They were talking loudly, pushing each other 
                                    and making obscene remarks. "There goes the future of 
                                    our country," she growled.
                                    "Aw, come on, Scully.  They're just kids enjoying 
                                    life.  They'll get over it."
                                    "And what makes you so sure?" she questioned.
                                    "I was a middle school kid once," he stated.
                                    "I rest my case," she grinned.
                                    "Come on, Scully, you can't tell me that you never 
                                    did anything wacky when you were that age," he 
                                    "I'll have to admit that we did some silly stuff.  We 
                                    used to make prank calls."
                                    "That's it?"
                                    "For the most part, yeah."
                                    "Scully, that's so dull.  So safe," he laughed.
                                    "Well, Mr. Adventure, what sort of activities did you 
                                    engage in?"
                                    "Well, a lot more than prank calls.  That's for 
                                    "Okay, then.  'Fess up.  Let's hear about your wild 
                                    and crazy middle school days."
                                    "Um, I don't know if I want to tarnish my sterling 
                                    Scully choked on a sip of her soft drink.  "Sterling 
                                    reputation?" she coughed.  "Now, you've really 
                                    aroused my curiosity.  Come on, spill the beans."
                                    "All right, all right, I will.  I don't want to be 
                                    forced to use the Heimlich maneuver on you if you 
                                    keep on getting choked up."
                                    Mulder popped the last bit of his sandwich into his 
                                    mouth and took a long sip of his iced tea.
                                    "I'm all ears, Mulder.  Quit stalling."
                                    He wiped the remnants of his sandwich from his mouth 
                                    and gathered up his trash.
                                    "Come on.  Are you too chicken to tell?"
                                    "Me? Chicken?" he asked.
                                    "Yeah, you, chicken," she stated and began making 
                                    clucking noises.
                                    Mulder laughed at her chicken imitation.  Most of the 
                                    time there wasn't much to laugh about while they were 
                                    doing their jobs.
                                    "Okay, okay. A group of about four of us guys used to 
                                    hang out and we were a lot like that group of boys up 
                                    the street, always goofing around, being loud and 
                                    obnoxious," he related as he watched the group 
                                    tipping over garbage cans.
                                    "So, you liked to play with garbage?" Scully grinned.
                                    "Nah, we saved that for the elementary wannabes."
                                    "Quite a hierarchy of bad boys, huh?"
                                    "Sort of.  One night we were out, just walking around 
                                    and making rude comments to anyone who dared to 
                                    notice us.  Mrs. Randolph liked to stand at her door 
                                    and tell us to quit being so loud and to go home."
                                    "Oh, I'm sure that went over well."
                                    "Uh-huh.  We went around the corner and quietly 
                                    decided how to pay her back," he smiled as he 
                                    remembered that long-ago night.  "She thought that 
                                    she'd put us in our places, so she turned off her 
                                    porch light and went to her back room to watch TV."
                                    "So, what did you 'young guns' decide to do?"
                                    "Ah, we decided to put on a little show for her.  Her 
                                    TV sat under the window in her back room, and she was 
                                    sitting in a recliner facing the TV."
                                    "Oh, I don't think I like the sound of this."
                                    "Well, it seemed pretty funny at the time," he 
                                    defended himself.  He paused to observe the suspect's 
                                    house.  "I can't believe I'm missing all of the good 
                                    "Come on.  You're stalling again."
                                    "Okay, okay.  It was a beautiful early, fall evening, 
                                    not quite dark yet, and most everyone had their 
                                    windows open to take advantage of the mild 
                                    "We lined up along the back of Mrs. Randolph's house 
                                    and, um, loosened our pants," Mulder continued, 
                                    looking rather embarrassed.
                                    "Oh, don't tell me.  You didn't!" Scully exclaimed.
                                    "Uh, yeah, we did.  We each ran by her window and 
                                    dropped our jeans and mooned her, but good.  Moose, 
                                    who lived up to his nickname by the way, even wiggled 
                                    his ass and then proceeded to trip over his pants as 
                                    he ran away."
                                    "What happened then?" Scully inquired as she tried to 
                                    keep a straight face.
                                    "We helped him up and took off down the alley, only 
                                    to be met by Officer Roper, who wasn't very happy."
                                    "Oh, no!" she commented, a shocked look on her face.
                                    "Oh, yes," he groaned.
                                    "How much trouble did you get into?"
                                    "Well, we actually got off pretty lightly.  Since she 
                                    couldn't identify our faces . . ."
                                    Scully interrupted him with a loud guffaw.  "Sorry, I 
                                    just couldn't keep that in," she apologized when she 
                                    recovered.  "Continue."
                                    "As I was saying, since she couldn't identify our 
                                    faces, Officer Roper escorted each of us to our house 
                                    and suggested to our parents that we probably didn't 
                                    need to hang out together so much."
                                    "How long were you grounded?"
                                    "A month," he grinned sheepishly.
                                    "Wow, I guess you learned your lesson."
                                    "More or less."
                                    "Mulder, what did you guys do after that?"
                                    "Well, remember those prank calls you mentioned 
                                    "Oh, Mulder, I'll bet you came up with some good 
                                    ones," she giggled.
                                    "Probably a lot better than you girls came up with."
                                    "Don't be so sure of yourself," she huffed.
                                    "Well, turn about is fair play. Tell me about some of 
                                    the pranks you pulled," he challenged.
                                    The trill of Mulder's cell phone interrupted their 
                                    discussion. A brief conversation ended with a 
                                    relieved sounding, "Yes, sir."
                                    "Well?" she inquired.
                                    "They've called off the stakeout.  Our suspect has 
                                    decided to turn state's evidence and enter the 
                                    Federal Witness Protection Program."
                                    "That's great.  Now, you can go home and catch the 
                                    rest of the Super Bowl.  Since I would be more than 
                                    fashionably late to the party I was invited to 
                                    attend, I think I'll just go home and get to bed 
                                    early for a change."
                                    "Would you like to watch it with me?  I've got some 
                                    popcorn and beer," he offered hopefully.
                                    Scully smiled.  "Yeah, I think I'd like that."
                                    "Then we can continue our discussion on whose prank 
                                    calls were the best." He started the car and put it 
                                    in gear.
                                    "Oh, you'll loose that discussion, hands down," 
                                    Scully promised him.
                                    "Oh, I doubt that."
                                    Mulder pulled out of the parking space and headed 
                                    toward his apartment.  The partners continued to 
                                    argue over who was the most obnoxious teen, so 
                                    neither of them noticed the lovely, full moon as it 
                                    rose over the suburbs of Washington, DC.