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Another Day At The Office By Chris L
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Another Day At The Office

Chris Lee

Second Period


            “This is a picture of the third murder victim.”  Special Agent Fox Mulder switched to the next slide in his show.

            “Well, there’s no sign of physical injury,” said his partner Dana Scully with a sigh of boredom.  “Has the cause of death been determined yet?”

            “We don’t know,” responded Mulder.  “This is the third murder in the past two weeks.  Same circumstances, same town.”

            “Don’t tell me you want to go there.  It will be another wild goose chase just like the last three cases we had.”

            “Try telling that to Assistant Director Skinner.  He assigned the case to us mainly because the third victim is the son of one of Minnesota’s congressmen, George Witfield.”

            “Why can’t the local police handle it?”

            “I don’t know, Scully.  It could have something to do with Witfield’s influence on F.B.I. funding.  Whatever the reason, we have a plane to catch in a couple of hours so let’s get moving.”

            “Morris, Minnesota is a small college town with only a few murders per year,” Mulder explained to Scully as he held the door open to the police station for her.  “Needless to say, three murders in the past two weeks and the fact that they were all students at the University of Minnesota-Morris have the town on edge.”

            The police station was almost exactly like the many small town offices they had encountered over the years including the short, heavy-set man who was enjoying a powdered doughnut at his desk.  Mulder cleared his throat to get the officer’s attention.

            The police officer dropped his doughnut on his pants and stood up.  “You must be Agents Mulder and Scully.”

            “That’s right,” Mulder said.

            “I’m officer Carter.  I’m in charge of the murder investigation and I’m sure glad you’re here.”

            “I have some questions for you about the murders,” stated Scully.

            “Okay, let’s go to the interrogation room,” suggested Officer Carter.

            The interrogation room was small with a table and four chairs in the middle.  There was a light hanging from the ceiling directly above the table.

            “Do you have any suspects, motives, or weapons in these murders?” asked Scully as she sat down.

            “We have none of those,” answered Officer Carter.  “But we do have a possible connection.”

            “What’s that?”  Scully sat straighter in her chair.

            “The three victims were in the P.A.C. headed by Professor Michael Clifton of UMM.”

            “What’s P.A.C.?”

            “P.A.C. stands for Paranormal Activities club.”

            “They have that here?’ questioned Mulder.  “I like this place already.”

            “Yes, they do,” responded Officer Carter.  “It’s a school club that studies paranormal activities.”

            “We’d like to meet Professor Clifton,” Scully said.

            “Sure,” Officer Carter said shaking his head.  “I’ll get him.  He’ll be here soon.”

            “Thanks,” the two agents said in unison.

            Professor Clifton was in his late 40’s with graying hair, fairly tall with a sturdy frame.  It was obvious that he took care of himself.

            “Why am I here?” asked Professor Clifton.  “I didn’t do anything.”

            “Relax, Professor,” assured Mulder.  “Agent Scully and I just want to ask you some questions about the three murder victims who were members of your club.”

            “I didn’t know them well,” Professor Clifton said firmly.  “So, if you’ll excuse me, I have some tests to grade.”

            “Sit back down, Professor,” Mulder replied just as firmly.  “We have a lot of questions for you.”

            After talking to the professor, Mulder and Scully weren’t getting what they wanted so they had to let him go.

            “Dang, I wish I could find something on this guy,” Mulder said to Scully.  “I have a feeling he has something to do with the murders.”

            “Same here,” Scully agreed.  “I wish we could find some evidence.”

            “Well,” Mulder said.  “It’s getting late.  Do you want to get something to eat and go back to the motel?”

            “As much as I would like to stay here, I think I would prefer to eat something other than doughnuts and coffee.”

            “Great.  I think I saw a McDonalds not far from here on our way in.”

            Scully sighed and hoped that they still had some salads with fat-free dressing.

            After ordering and receiving their food they decided to eat in their rental car.  It was getting late and it was obvious that the McDonalds staff wanted to close for the night.

            “I wish we could catch a break,” grumbled Mulder between bites of his Big Mac.

            “So do I,” agreed Scully.  “For once I wish everything would fall neatly into place and we could wrap this up and go home.  I’m getting so tired of fast food meals on the go.”

            “Scully, it’s good for you.  It’ll put hair on your chest,” Mulder grinned and got the response that he wanted.  Scully raised her left eyebrow and sighed heavily.

            They sat in silence for a few minutes until Mulder sat up straight and stared out the windshield.

            “Um, Scully?”

            “What is it?  Not enough grease on your fries?”

            “Isn’t that Professor Clifton over there?”

            “I think it is, but what is he doing?  It looks like he’s attacking someone.”

            “But, he’s not even touching the guy.”

            “Well, let’s go see if our eyes are deceiving us or not.”

            They abandoned their meal and sprinted toward the professor and his victim.  The agents were amazed to see a young man fly through the air and crash into the side of a building.  The professor seemed to do it with just a flick of his hand.

            “Professor Clifton!” Mulder yelled as he pulled out his gun from his side holster.  “Put your hands out to the side!”

            Scully backed up his order by pulling her Sig Sauer p 230 from behind her back, aiming it at the professor.

            At this Professor Clifton started to run away.

            “Don’t shoot, Scully!  He may have information we need.”

            “I’ll stay here with this guy.”  Scully looked toward the man crumpled on the sidewalk.  “Go after the professor.  I’ll call for back-up.”

            Mulder ran after the escaping professor who had a good lead on him, but Professor Clifton was no match for Mulder who ran several miles a day.  After running for what seemed like miles, Professor Clifton collapsed allowing Mulder to quickly handcuff him.

            “I suspected it was you,” Mulder said to the professor as they walked back to where the chase started.  “But now with evidence, I’m going to put you where you belong.”

            The next day in the X-Files office Mulder and Scully were preparing their report.

            “Do you really expect Skinner to believe that his telekinetic powers were strong enough to stop their hearts?

“Yes, I do,” said Mulder.  “You saw what he was capable of, Scully.  That boy is still in the hospital recovering from about 25 broken bones, give or take a few.”

“And the motive, Mulder?” Scully came back.  “You expect Skinner to believe that those student’s parents made his life so miserable when he was a kid that his hatred caused his telekinetic abilities to develop to the point where it could kill someone?”

“From what I heard they did make his life a living nightmare.  The descriptions I got were that he was a cross between Steve Urkel and Forrest Gump.”

Scully shuddered at the picture that brought to her mind.  Mulder put on his suit jacket, straightened his tie and headed for the door.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Scully asked.  “You can’t expect me to do this report by myself.”

“You have such a way with words, Scully.  Plus, Skinner likes you.  And I need to get something.”

“And what is that?”

“I’m going to try to con the people over at Central Office Supply out of an ink cartridge for the fax machine.  We’re over our budget again for this quarter.”

“You mean you’re going to charm those pretty, young girls out of an ink cartridge.”

“Scully, this is important.  The Lone Gunmen need to fax some info about crop circles and UFO sightings in New Jersey that they came across.  I’ll be back soon.”

“New Jersey?  No way, Mulder.  Skinner will never approve a 302,” Scully called after him as he headed for the elevator.

“He already has,” Mulder called back.

Scully sighed as she settled down to type the report.  It looked like it was going to be another typical day in the X-Files division of the F.B.I. and she loved it.