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Im so pleased to have a website of my own to showcase fan fiction about my all-time favorite TV show, The X-Files.  I became a fan of the show later than most.  It wasnt until FX began running repeats of the show that I really paid it any attention.  Our local Fox affiliate was pretty lame, and I was busy with work and raising a young child, so watching TV was pretty low on my list of priorities.


After major back surgery, I was unable to work, and suddenly found that I had lots of time to watch TV shows that I had wanted to see.  The X-Files caught my attention right away!  I couldnt believe that I had wasted all those years without viewing the series one single time.


I was really impressed with the subject matter and the relationship between Mulder and Scully.  Of course, I didnt mind looking at that very handsome FBI agent,Fox Mulder either.  By the time the new season was ready to air, I was hooked!  Sunday nights at 9 PM found me glued to the television set.  My family soon learned to leave me alone because I was too absorbed in the adventures of my two favorite agents to be bothered.


As I became more familiar with the show, I realized that I liked the episodes where Mulder suffered physical trauma the best.  I wouldnt admit it for fear that people would thing I was nuts.  Imagine my surprise when I started surfing the web and found that I had plenty of company!


I discovered fan fiction and was able to get my X-Files fix whenever I wanted!  After reading lots of fics at the old MTA site, one author stood out above all the rest.  I decided to email her and let her know how pleased I was with her work.  That was Vickie Moseley, and she promptly replied.  I felt like I was communicating with a celebrity!  As you know, Vickie can be very persuasive. Before I knew what hit me, I had written my first fic and discovered that I really enjoyed doing it! 


Vickie predicted that I would have my own website one day.  I thought she was crazy, but once again she showed me her wisdom.  So, here it is, Waddles Wonderful World of X-Files.  I hope you enjoy!




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